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  1. Old RoF info. Please excuse the coffee stains....😏 There's technical limits, and then there's practical limits. I'd keep it 100 RPM below the stated limits at all times. Like with the German water-cooled tachs, you can't see above 1600 as everybody knows, even though technically you can exceed that a little bit. They were smart to make the tach end at 100 RPM below that, really. And like Larner said, the practical limit for a Dr.1 is basically 1400 RPM, although you can also go above that a bit. Do it for too long and it's going to get damaged. Going over doesn't increase the speed significantly, anyway.
  2. I think you're a very good pilot Spyboy, and getting better all of the time. Just stay cautious, keep a sharp eye out, and watch your six at all times. S!
  3. Who would laugh at that? You did a great job, I thought. A lot better than I would, LOL.
  4. I wonder what happened to it. The pilot said he flew it at least once a day, every day. For it to lose power like that, so lightly loaded.... maybe they got bad fuel.
  5. At this point I'll say nothing about response curves
  6. The N17 is the only scout in the current matchup that can actually keep pace with the 2-seaters it is up against; it's speed and that of it's opponent 2-seaters is for all intents and purposes the same (without bombs on), depending on what version of N17 you fly (the British version is 2 Kph slower at 1,000 m than the synchronized gun versions). The Halb is 17 -23 Kph slower than it's 2-seater opponents at that same altitude. I actually feel kinda sorry for the Central side in that respect. Don't forget how points are scored in FiF. I find that the Tripehound is almost, if not just as difficult to fly as the N17. They both have terrible precession and even full left rudder is often inadequate to keep the nose down in tight left turns. However, it makes some difference how you have the trim wheel set in the Tripe. In this iteration of FiF, the 2-seaters ARE by far the most dangerous. You could get into any of them and just fly them as scouts, Brisfit-style....if they're not loaded down with bombs or excess fuel, and you have some spare ones to use. Personally, I might just wave at them as they go by unless I have a LOT of friends to help who are in the correct position to do so.
  7. By the way you worded that, it is unclear whether you mean that the N17 has too much power compared to the Halb D.II, or that you think it is overwhelmed by the Halb D.II's performance. I am guessing that you mean the latter? The N17 is quite a bit faster than the Halb, and climbs quite a bit better, too. It also takes a lot of damage without any reduction in performance. The British version is available if you want a faster rate of fire and the ability to shoot from below. The N17 is certainly harder to fly....but once you master it can beat a Halb one on one every time. The rest is determined by the teamwork and tactics of each team.
  8. What are you talking about? That's for when you're flying upside-down! 😀
  9. OMG, well, if this ever becomes available to see in my area, I would not miss it for the world! Thanks for the preview, HL!!
  10. Heinrich, would you be willing to show us an overhead view that might show us the lozenge pattern / color, if any? I absolutely LOVE the heart / wolf-dragon symbol! It is the coolest thing EVER!! I think he has captured the "heart" of JG1 in that symbolism. Personal significance blended with a WWI-plausible symbol. That is just the coolest thing ever. You go, man!
  11. In FC (and possibly that whole series), unfortunately I think that certain colors are seen from distance with disproportionate ability; and this is nothing new, since that same thing did occur in RoF. Of course there's the whole idea of whether you're going to see any particular skin at all. In all of the BoX/FC series, I think it's very important to consider that. You have to consider that in whatever case, the other guy is just seeing you in default skin. But, you have to assume you're operating under the circumstance that the other guy can see your skin. If you are making a skin for yourself (and others to use), I think it's very important to consider how easily that it is seen from a distance. White (and light gray) are the worst offenders. Even with extreme weathering effects, they can almost seem to glow from a distance. Dull those down in any way that you can, so that that doesn't happen. Yellow is almost as bad. Use caution, self skin makers. Only judge your end product by what it looks like from a distance IN THE ACTUAL GAME. Or, be prepared to WELCOME the effects of that greater visibility, as the Baron did. Of course the Baron most often had about 8 (maybe more) friendlies surrounding him. You be the judge.
  12. Well....my question was rhetorical. I know the answer to my own question. "They" want you to have to move your controls to control those functions in the same way the real pilot had to. But they are missing a big point. Real pilots only flew one or two different types of aircraft, for the most part. As sim pilots, we have to fly a LOT more....10, 20, whatever. The reason for that is that we're needed to fill the roles of pilots in many different situations; and our numbers are limited. So what is truly needed for a sim pilot is standardization across all types. That way we don't have to change how we do things in every single different type of aircraft we get into. The person who has figured out how best to standardize his controls across all planes is one who will have the greatest chance of success, IMHO.
  13. I have (or had) a 5-way hat (4-way with push) for pitch and roll trim. The push resets the trim to neutral. I have a 2-way hat for rudder trim. The only plane (that I've flown) that those actually seemed to function on was the 190, I think. For the 109's, I had a wheel on my throttle handle....an axis. I can't remember what other planes that worked for, but it seems like most. That is the way it worked for me before the update. Wondering if or how I'll need to change that. If they're going to have all this controls functions separation, they need to make more than 3 options per control available to map. I haven't run out yet, but I can see it happening for some folks with fewer button choices.
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