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  1. See, that all works just as well and is a perfect example of how things can be varied but still standardized and be just as usable as some other convention.
  2. I hope my prior post will not be seen as nit-picking. My reason for watching that stuff is primarily to prevent all the work done by skinners becoming a complete waste of time. There are 3 major levels of synchronization we could have when it comes to skin files. First, a person could have whatever files and file names for skins that they want only on their own computer, and interchange them whenever and as often as they wanted. Obviously in that case only that person will see those skins and everybody else will only see default skins all of the time. Second, we could have only people within JG1 have all of the same skin files with common file names. In that case, theoretically everybody in our squadron would see the "proper" or most correct skin. However, we now begin to experience the consequences of every single participating squadron member not downloading and installing the absolute latest skin files from our consolidated skins link. Third, we could have correct synchronization between all players of Great Battles. This is the level of synchronization that RoF achieved by creating permanent downloads based on categories and time. This had the advantage of limiting download file sizes and of standardizing files such that everybody who installed the files would have the same thing. Although it can have the same consequence of people not seeing skins from lack of installing them, because it was an all-or-nothing approach, the idea of version changes did not invalidate file names because the submission of files was a one-time-only thing, unless somebody snuck in a same-named file in a later download, but even then the intended result could fail because nobody could guarantee the order of installation of downloads. So I guess the first thing to decide is what our ultimate goal is. And as you can see, the higher level of synchronization you want, the more important it is to keep names the same, and files unchanging. Since multiple people are skinning, this is the reason that having a universal naming convention and sticking by it is so important. The idea that names must make our "own" skins first in the list is nice to have and makes things easier to find in long lists. In RoF, personal skins were at the bottom of the list, which is not as easy as being at the top, but is still easier than being somewhere in the middle. However, IMHO somebody will always figure out a way to make his skins appear before yours; Klai's example above is just one tactic they'll use. Therefore, I would say not care that "our" skins aren't at the absolute top of the list; instead, it's far more important to make sure that they appear together as a single group. Whatever the naming convention turns out to be, I think once it's decided, it should be stuck to without exception, and without ever changing it again. Therefore it's important to use a format that's universal and is going to work for every case. Then that format should be posted as a sticky or other permanent notification, at the top of the skinning section, or in some other very prominent section of the forum. I think we had a good standard going. However it's hard to see every eventuality, and one thing that was left out of that standard was the case of one pilot having multiple skins, which is a case I broached. Since it's easy to look at things from your own case only, I think I made a mistake in requesting the name I did for my "extra" file. In order to make things universal for all cases, the suffix "_(letter)" was actually a better one, since a person could have up to 26 separate files under that convention. But even then, there is still more clarification necessary. For instance, should the convention be that all single files have a "_A" after them, being the first of a possible series? Then any additional skin files for any single pilot would have "_B", "_C", etc. That's quite logical, but would require a lot of work in changing just about every file already in existence. If that was not done, would the original files simply have nothing? What then for the second file in a series...."_A", or "_B"? Which is more logical? The point is, all that has to be defined in the sticky, with specific examples given for every possible case. Once you're at a point where no situation can't be addressed, things can stay permanent and have a much better chance for others to actually have a file that they've downloaded be seen instead of just a default file. This will also prevent other skinners from creating skins with file names that cause them to be completely separate than our main group of files in our skins installations. So apologies for what may seem like nit-picking; the goal is to prevent wasted work and that could be defined as people having downloaded skins that fail to appear to them, or also having multiple skin files which are the same file, but with multiple names, which can quickly add up to a lot of wasted space considering the size of these 4K files on somebody's drive. S!
  3. Some inconsistencies in the latest 2 downloads, as posted in our consolidated downloads links: Naming convention. The new Alb D5 and Halb CL2 and Halb CL2au files have a "1" prefix instead of the previous or usual "A" prefix. The other new plane skin files do have the "A" prefix. In the Halb CL2 and Halb CL2au files, Maus' pilot name is spelled wrong. There's an extra "c" in there. In all the other files, it's spelled correctly. Not sure if that matters to anybody. In the new Fokker Dr.1 files, my second skin (J10 skin) is named with the "_B" suffix instead of the "_J10" suffix. That can stay that way if you guys want it that way, but others should know what the official name is going to be, so those who already have the "_J10" named file should delete that duplicate version. To complicate matters, I think Larner may have submitted some or all of those files to that guy who keeps a mega download file or files for all FC or maybe even all Great Battles skins, on the IL2 forum.
  4. A beautiful design element, to be sure!
  5. Nice looking floor.... somebody is a handyman. 👍
  6. I'll take you up on that. I'd like to talk on TS at your convenience first, though.
  7. I wish, but not gonna happen this Saturday. I'm going to keep a close eye on this thread.
  8. I only would have gotten 3 out of 5 without cheating. 😏 The top one, 5 of 8. I might have added Lee to that if I could have seen his top wing, though. It's only because I could see a tiny bit of Hotlead's wing that made it recognizable to me.
  9. Works for me! And so true. 😄 I've been spending a lot of time lately researching personal paint schemes of German aces in my "XXXX Aces of World War 1" series (insert plane type). One thing that is confusing is how a Staffed commander's paint scheme is handled when he's promoted to a higher position such as Geschwader commander of the same group. Many, if not most of these remained actively flying. Some of these kept some, or in some cases all of the elements of their previous staffel design. Others eventually changed it totally (Goring is an example of that). Some famous schemes were handed down intact to other pilots; some of Udet's actually came from Kirschstein and he simply added his simple "LO" to the side, and later kept some of the elements such as the striped wings on his later schemes. There are other examples of that too. So your (or our) situation is actually pretty historical, really.
  10. Still, it's not necessary to have, but only a convenience, now that it's already been done. I'm sure somebody else must already have half black / half yellow. The only really truly historical universal wheel design for J10 is all yellow. But that's kinda boring. 🙄
  11. I feel like shit, do you have that wheel pattern on other plane skins?
  12. Well that was a mistake. I was about to comment on the similarity of my D.Va wheels and Brit's. Then I went into RoF and looked at the JG1 skins. Damned if I didn't somehow duplicate Brit's wheels without even knowing about it. It was about to become a design element on all of my planes. I need to have a careful look at all of our previous skins to make sure I'm not inadvertently copying elements of other people's designs. Brit / Vonrd, please let me know what you'd like me to do, considering I've copied you by accident. My skins can be altered and re-uploaded if you want. S! 😔 BTW Klaiber reacted to my original post, not this completely different edited version. I'm sure he was unaware of my mistake when he reacted.
  13. Just a reminder that the original file should be A_FDr1_JG1_Luftritter.dds and the newer version would be A_FDr1_JG1_Luftritter_J10.dds So people could have them in any combination without causing any trouble. For all other planes I plan on sticking to the first naming convention, without anything after the name. Just this one case is an exception or modification to that format.
  14. Re-reading this I think I misinterpreted and you only meant the file name? If so perfectly fine with me, but I'll need to know the final decision, as I'll need to make mine match everyone else's. I just thought that if anybody was looking at file names alone, they'd have some idea as to which was what. B and no B could be anything; J10 at least gives some idea as to what it might be. I bow to the will of the people. 😁
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