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  1. Wow, fully outstanding! 😊 👍 1,000 thanks!!
  2. He really has turned into an expert scout pilot who is fully capable of downing any enemy at any time. He'll be back at the top in no time. S!
  3. In the above recording you got to hear it first with the canopy open and then when they shut it, took off and did maneuvers. Although somewhat more attenuated with the canopy closed, it still was a tremendous difference from the sim, IMHO.
  4. Really came to life on my Klipsh speakers/subwoofer. I could FEEL it. This is what the sims need; realistic sound. I'm especially disgusted with the machine gun sounds in BoX / FC. "shh-shh-shh". Really? They gotta be able to come up with something better than that. A plane like the P-47, it oughta SHAKE the plane. Open cockpit plane, machine guns are LOUD when you're right next to them (watch any live-fire video). Sure they can't get a real recording for everything, but there's a lot out there. People joke about planes like the "tractor" D.VII in RoF....have you ever heard an engine with straight pipes or bad gaskets at low RPM? Just like that. N28? Lawn mower, maybe, but that's exactly how the real ones sound. Why the others are so much different I can't understand.
  5. Deleted, update was apparently not a new one. Last one must not have completed properly is all I can guess.
  6. Travel on I-75 in Kentucky and Tennessee and you'll quickly see that straight road one in five miles is not even close to being true, although there are many good stretches in all of the states. Just not nearly that many and in some states a lot less than others.
  7. One other thought about the S.E.5a trim.... perhaps it was meant more to counteract the weight of full bombs, max fuel, etc. In other words, the plane at it's maximum possible gross take off weight. Considering that stabilizer trim is mostly a feature of 2-seaters, that could be a reason. However the Sopwith Triplane is a strange exception which did not carry bombs, to my knowledge.
  8. Can't see why any manufacturer would want more up bias on a plane that already climbs by itself at more than 75% throttle. I don't quite want to defend how they model these planes or how their FMs work, but one thing we have to remember is that the control columns in the real planes were not spring centered devices that pushed themselves toward the exact physical center of their travel in any direction. Who's to say where the stick was positioned for straight-and-level flight in any of these planes, or what forces were pushing back against them in that condition? That said, the position of the elevator necessary to achieve straight-and-level flight does appear to be excessively down on almost every RoF plane and is known to be incorrect at least for the Dr.I and probably others compared to the real planes. IMHO this is a clue to some basic common flaw in the flight engines of both RoF and BoX. To me it seems like the wings of all planes have too much lift at a zero angle of incidence as opposed to achieving higher percentages of their lift through more positive angles. This necessitates counteracting it with excessive amounts of down elevator in these sims. Over all the planes meet all of their performance specs, but how they behave in level flight or in more neutral angles of incidence seems off. Another clue to this is that planes with lesser wing loading (greater wing areas) such as Dr.I seem more affected by this, while those with greater wing loading (such as SPAD) seem less affected. Those people with less spring tension and/or greater leverage against their springs (i.e. longer columns) on their joysticks seem less bothered by this for obvious reasons. If the absence of any ability to move response curves up or down remains permanent (let alone having custom curves for individual planes), having a stick with minimal spring centering force may be the only viable solution.
  9. Speeds may be "spot on" for what they specify, but those speeds are the pre-updated RoF speeds, so we're back to the slow Alb. RFC people should be happy now. If they flippin' make the R.E.8 so fast we can't even catch one in level flight I'm going to be pissed. With regard to the S.E.5a, I don't think they flew around at full throttle all of the time like we do. You have to wonder if there's some manual somewhere that instructed them what a good cruise RPM was. I don't think those engines would have lasted very long at full throttle all of the time, but hey, they only have to last us one sortie.
  10. Ummm....huh? I liked it the way it was 🙄 They wanted to make it more like RoF? 😟
  11. Haha, everything old is new again. 😉 An all-time classic
  12. The culmination of some excellent work. Congratulations!!
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