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  1. I know J5 started a separate bombing organization within their group. I don't remember what name it was....wouldn't be Schusta 26, would it? I thought it was Schusta something-or-other.
  2. Yes, the good thing about TM is that they'll sell you just about any part that they still support. Sometimes that part will only be available as part of a subassembly. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it to repair, as opposed to buying a whole new stick. As far as the gimbal goes, I've never done a Cougar, but with the Warthog, you don't usually need to replace any parts. It's a matter of careful disassembly, sometimes some fine sanding, and re-lubrication with the special plastic-safe grease. Once that is correctly done, the stick feels as good as, or even better than new. I have that grease on-hand, and have performed that operation.
  3. Outstanding job, all! Special shout-out to Greif for outstanding wingmanship, excellent job, a pleasure to fly with you! 👍 Can't figure out how I snuck in there, though 🤷‍♂️ 😉
  4. Wow, what a nice surprise! Welcome back, Dutch! 👍
  5. I see Jake, Dutch and Osten....can guess which one is Dudley. Not sure on the J5 guys. Guessing that's Quaker Steak and Lube 🙂 Looks like they should be having that event again this year. I had remembered it being 3 days long the times that I went; looks like it's only 2 days long now. Maybe we just got there a day early to set up the LAN party.
  6. Couldn't resist posting these pics, even though they may not be the final version. SOMEBODY is getting a new SPAD: For the forward fuselage I used a hyperbolic curve and created a graphic file that I hope will be used again on his other planes, if possible. Hotlead is totally responsible for the design, other than the wheels and the wing sunray. I have to say, I'm jealous 😁
  7. Gotta come to "Dawn Patrol" there, sometime.
  8. I think something similar may have happened to me, due to something I probably did a long time ago. I think way back then I may have registered my tag in the brand new IL2 (forums or whatever) that took place after the original IL2; that might have happened even before RoF came about. All I know is that when I tried to register much later, it would tell me that my email (or even password) was already in use. I was like, really? Somebody is using my exact same email and/or password? Then I realized that it had to be me, but that their stupid system could not differentiate between that and what happened 5 years ago; in essence, "JG1_Luftritter" was already taken. So I couldn't create an account using the name that I wanted to. In any case, I had to play around with exactly how the squadron was named, together with my pilot name; and there are rules, like you can't have a "leading underscore" in your pilot name....which basically made it impossible to to use the simple "JG1" as my squadron. In the end, I think I used that then-acceptable "II./" as my squadron, and the "JG1_Luftritter" as my pilot name; where as in RoF, my name was all one "JG1_LuftritterJ4", denoting my squadron, as per the current squadron rules on the WWI side. However now, the limitations of the all-encompassing game do not really accommodate both WWII and WWI separation of names; and so the standard that we are using because of that is simply the squadron with pilot name, in order to take into account everything. So, even though that this would not allow me to use a name that is simply "Luftritter", "LuftritterJ4", or "_Luftritter", it would allow me to register with a BLANK squadron field, and a pilot name of "JG1_Luftritter", which I could not do in RoF, because there were too many characters. So apparently you have to play their stupid game, rather than hoping that they'll someday recognize your own old credentials as your own.
  9. I'm with GC, I used to use a 60 Hz 32" monitor before what I have now, and I'm seriously considering going to a 43" TV again (that is the maximum size I can fit on my space, and it's only about 2 feet away from my eyes anyway). I'm pretty sure Butzzell uses a big TV; and for all the supposed gain of having an actual gaming monitor, I haven't seen anything that I consider game-changing in doing so, and honestly I think the color might actually be better on the TV. I think strictly with regard to "our" game, having the larger size is the one thing that you're really going to be the most happy with and what's going to help you the most; and the price difference between an actual gaming monitor and a regular TV is so striking, it really does tip the scales a whole lot in that direction. The only real "limitation" is that you're "only" going to get a 60 Hz refresh rate, maximum; but, you are to consider that an 80 series nVidia GPU can do that all day long with absolute maximum settings in the game....and that you probably drop down to that range anyway in the most demanding situations. You are not going to notice any slowdowns because you should end up running at 60 Hz basically all of the time, even using standard V-sync instead of the possibly available G-sync. Beware of TV specs that claim higher refresh rates; in almost every case their true refresh rate is 60, even though they say something like 120 or even 240 Hz on some. They all call it something different, every brand has it's special name, because according to their processing they say it makes it "seem" like it twice as fast, but it just plain isn't. But that doesn't really matter since you are not going to see the difference between a rock-solid 60 Hz and a varying synced rate that sometimes may drop down near 60 Hz in certain circumstances, if you have a GPU for which 60 Hz at any resolution is a walk in the park. I've personally had a suspicion for a long time that these games are basically designed around 1080p, and work the most trouble free that way. Varying from that is where all the potential trouble begins; and VR seems to be a huge source of potential trouble, or at least limitation.
  10. You can't just add any old number of planes, because there's a ratio of main/secondary plane types we're trying to maintain; and then you also have to take into account the 50/50 use of the Pfalz and Alb, since the Central side has one more scout plane type available for use than the Entente side does. In order to keep all that in line, the next number from 30 total you can go up to is 36 total; if more than that is needed, the next number up from that is 42 total. He is trying 36 first. It will be looked at with that number and then adjusted further if: 1) needed and 2) possible. The server does have limits.
  11. Better figure out the file names, buddy. Before putting this file in, I have 4 different Dr.I files for you; two sets of them the same or nearly the same, with two different file names. The "early" ones are: ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat.dds (*) ! JG1 FokkerDr1 JG1 Goat Early.dds (both of those are the same file) Then the "late" ones: ! JG1 FokkerDr1 JG1 Goat.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat B.dds (*) I deleted the ones which I assume are obsolete, keeping the ones that match the naming convention most closely. Hopefully those will match the file names of the ones you use, or else I won't see them when you choose them. I put an asterisk by the ones I kept; hopefully those coincide with yours. So the early one is the one you just posted above, and the late one is the one that doesn't contain any yellow. Fingers crossed 😉
  12. And now the Entente Skin- The closer you look at these, the more I think you will like them. I urge you to give them a try! U2VS Fictional British Skin
  13. ALL: Just wanted to call your attention to this post concerning the main JG1 FiF skin pack: If you overwrite your existing files with the skin pack files, it's possible you'll lose correct, current updated versions of my files. If that happens, you can correct it by downloading the updated versions of the problem files in that post. If you're at any point confused, you can always get the most updated and correct files for ALL of my skins HERE You can't go wrong by overwriting whatever you have with what's contained in that download. Apologies for the confusion, many thanks for your indulgence. S!
  14. The content of this post has been deleted due to changes in the original post in this thread rendering it irrelevant. Admins, please delete.
  15. Working on the Entente (British) version now.
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