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  1. I'm with GC, I used to use a 60 Hz 32" monitor before what I have now, and I'm seriously considering going to a 43" TV again (that is the maximum size I can fit on my space, and it's only about 2 feet away from my eyes anyway). I'm pretty sure Butzzell uses a big TV; and for all the supposed gain of having an actual gaming monitor, I haven't seen anything that I consider game-changing in doing so, and honestly I think the color might actually be better on the TV. I think strictly with regard to "our" game, having the larger size is the one thing that you're really going to be the most happy with and what's going to help you the most; and the price difference between an actual gaming monitor and a regular TV is so striking, it really does tip the scales a whole lot in that direction. The only real "limitation" is that you're "only" going to get a 60 Hz refresh rate, maximum; but, you are to consider that an 80 series nVidia GPU can do that all day long with absolute maximum settings in the game....and that you probably drop down to that range anyway in the most demanding situations. You are not going to notice any slowdowns because you should end up running at 60 Hz basically all of the time, even using standard V-sync instead of the possibly available G-sync. Beware of TV specs that claim higher refresh rates; in almost every case their true refresh rate is 60, even though they say something like 120 or even 240 Hz on some. They all call it something different, every brand has it's special name, because according to their processing they say it makes it "seem" like it twice as fast, but it just plain isn't. But that doesn't really matter since you are not going to see the difference between a rock-solid 60 Hz and a varying synced rate that sometimes may drop down near 60 Hz in certain circumstances, if you have a GPU for which 60 Hz at any resolution is a walk in the park. I've personally had a suspicion for a long time that these games are basically designed around 1080p, and work the most trouble free that way. Varying from that is where all the potential trouble begins; and VR seems to be a huge source of potential trouble, or at least limitation.
  2. You can't just add any old number of planes, because there's a ratio of main/secondary plane types we're trying to maintain; and then you also have to take into account the 50/50 use of the Pfalz and Alb, since the Central side has one more scout plane type available for use than the Entente side does. In order to keep all that in line, the next number from 30 total you can go up to is 36 total; if more than that is needed, the next number up from that is 42 total. He is trying 36 first. It will be looked at with that number and then adjusted further if: 1) needed and 2) possible. The server does have limits.
  3. Better figure out the file names, buddy. Before putting this file in, I have 4 different Dr.I files for you; two sets of them the same or nearly the same, with two different file names. The "early" ones are: ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat.dds (*) ! JG1 FokkerDr1 JG1 Goat Early.dds (both of those are the same file) Then the "late" ones: ! JG1 FokkerDr1 JG1 Goat.dds ! JG1 FokkerDr1 Goat B.dds (*) I deleted the ones which I assume are obsolete, keeping the ones that match the naming convention most closely. Hopefully those will match the file names of the ones you use, or else I won't see them when you choose them. I put an asterisk by the ones I kept; hopefully those coincide with yours. So the early one is the one you just posted above, and the late one is the one that doesn't contain any yellow. Fingers crossed 😉
  4. And now the Entente Skin- The closer you look at these, the more I think you will like them. I urge you to give them a try! U2VS Fictional British Skin
  5. ALL: Just wanted to call your attention to this post concerning the main JG1 FiF skin pack: If you overwrite your existing files with the skin pack files, it's possible you'll lose correct, current updated versions of my files. If that happens, you can correct it by downloading the updated versions of the problem files in that post. If you're at any point confused, you can always get the most updated and correct files for ALL of my skins HERE You can't go wrong by overwriting whatever you have with what's contained in that download. Apologies for the confusion, many thanks for your indulgence. S!
  6. The content of this post has been deleted due to changes in the original post in this thread rendering it irrelevant. Admins, please delete.
  7. Working on the Entente (British) version now.
  8. That explains it....former Black Haze pilots are banned as a matter of course 😅 Luftritter- (former Black Haze pilot) 😁
  9. And now for something completely different 😁 U-2VS Fictional German Skin. A lot of hard work went into this one, I hope you'll take a look. Could be personalized with this as a basis. I was thinking of adding a stork-carrying-a-baby emblem, keeping it simple. One minor point of failure was that I couldn't find a way to make the spinning prop not green. I swear there is nothing on that file that changes that. But I stand to be corrected by more experienced experts. Enjoy! U-2VS Fictional German Skin Entente skin to follow if there's any interest....
  10. 22 MB = 0.022 GB. That's 2.2% of one single GB. Just in case you were operating under a mistaken assumption. Drive on, sir! S!
  11. These don't have to have separate links guys; one stop shopping is nice 😊 a single all inclusive zip file for individuals or squadrons would make things simpler, and you could update it over time just by editing the link, and then maybe make a new post saying something to the effect of "O.P. updated for revised and/or additional files (date)". Keep 'em coming, your work much appreciated! 👍 S!
  12. Well if you do rename them, if everybody who has already downloaded them with the old file names doesn't rename their files, they'll never see them when you use them. However, since your post hasn't been up that long it might not be that big a deal. As for me, I'll just re-download them under the new names. But it's something to keep in mind, for the future. S!
  13. Let us know if you ever change the file names, Daedallus. Some of them are hard to tell they belong to you.
  14. Agreed. Although it wasn't quite as much of a problem for the uber-Camel to eventually catch up to that D.VII(F?), he practically flew right over us without engaging. Luckily he flew a rectangular pattern and stayed in his sector, so at least we didn't have to chase him all over Hell's half-acre.
  15. Great find, Heinrich! Looks like a fine tool for an ambitious mission planner. 😊
  16. A plain old goat is not as much of a threat as an AngryGoat 😅
  17. 2 per person seems more than reasonable to me; you could have an early skin and a late skin for every plane, even though few planes were in service long enough for that to be appropriate. As for the rest, I've stated my opinion elsewhere. S!
  18. One thing that should be addressed hopefully before the official start, is something I forget to mention during the post-session con-flab. When I went to refuel at the south Entente drome, the thing gave me 100% instantly (in my Camel). The thing did not work like before when the refueling process took some time, giving you a progressing reading that allowed you to stop when you reached a reasonable amount of fuel . No idea if it worked like that everywhere for everybody; but I know that the way it worked before was a lot better.
  19. @AngryGoat In the future, you might want to adjust your file names so that they follow the JG1 naming convention. Some points to consider: 1) The plane name is supposed to match the folder name for that plane in the game's "skins" folder. 2) Your pilot name is supposed to be your JG1 name. 3) If you have more than one skin for any plane, you're supposed to designate subsequent files using consecutive letters starting with "b"....etc. An example for your second Dr.I: ! JG1 FokkerDr1 AngryGoat b or your Sopwith Camel: ! JG1 SopCamel AngryGoat S!
  20. @J2_Drookasi JG1 Stats Server Not sure if it will record the Dry Run or not, but I would guess it will. S!
  21. Personally I could live with the one skin per pilot rule....I have already requested to withdraw the one example of an "extra" skin that I have. That said, I don't think it should be a hard rule, though. After all, just because skins are included in a download pack, doesn't mean you have to have all of them installed. You can select just what you want to extract....or you can just extract everything and delete what you don't want. Also, looking at what you have now, you may want to delete entire groups of skins based on the fact that you hardly, if ever, see those groups actually flying and using them. Your space situation seems pretty dire. Is there a reason you don't get another internal SSD and move stuff to it? 512 GB and below are often very cheap and easy to install. It could change your life 😉
  22. Apologies for the hammer-on-the-head presentation of data. Once these figures start floating around in your head, they can pile on top of one another and look over stated. My main worry is that resizing these files could change the color density, and therefore the shades. Especially things like the weathering and shadowing layers, where the dirt/grime and shading effects could end up looking darker over all. I know that happens to colors when I import objects files into my projects and then adjust their size for placement. That is just conjecture on my part, since I don't know that it actually happens. I need to do an experiment and see if the pixels per inch actually changes.
  23. I think too much is being made of this 2K vs. 4K thing. I have a ton of skins, probably everything that is going to be in the upcoming FiF skins, other than a few stragglers: All JG1, J5, J2, J99, all 3PG (old US103rd), WW, anything else that was in Black September....can't remember them all. Also included is all JG1 WWII skins and WW WWII skins. The point is, my skins folder is now 12.1 GB. It is likely to grow. Let's say it more than quadrupled in size to 50 GB. Currently my skins folder is taking up 2.4% of my 500 GB main drive; if it actually did quadruple, that would still be less than 10%....that's IF it increased by 4 times what it is now. A 500 GB drive is not even very big in today's age; one double that size would be considered more standard today. I think if anybody is truly short on space, I would submit that it's because of reasons far more significant than skins from Great Battles, like excess programs files, or especially video files. Assuming all of the skin files I have now are 4K files (and they aren't), if I took them and reduced them to 2K files, that would change the total skins files size to a hair over 3 GB, or 0.6% of my total drive size. I save 1.8 GB over what I had before, or I increased the usable space on my drive by less than 0.4% of my drive size. Is that really worth all that fuss?
  24. Just wondering what "once per campaign" actually means. Once per year? Would it be OK to post an individual update (or updates) to files for those who care to have them?
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