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  1. Imagine what a single, low flying D.H.4 could have done in that picture Recent reading has also made it apparent certain plane types weren't even flown by specific Jastas. It is sad to contemplate that the Dr.1 was never flown by J10. As such, they were the first to get the brand new D.VII. Therefore the very earliest paint schemes (and cross styles) for that plane have special significance in J10. Also the Pfalz D.IIIa, which was ever-present alongside the Albs at that time, got at least as much use in J10 as anywhere else.
  2. @Etzel Hotlead's stream Britchot's stream
  3. For all J5 and JG1: I was wondering if anybody in JG1 would be interested in flying as part of the Red Team (Entente) in week 3. J5 "sacrificed" and flew Entente in week 2 to even teams up. If this is needed in week 3, I for one would love a chance to fly Entente. I'm also under the impression that J5 has flown on the Entente side more than they might really have wanted to in many events. I like the fact that this year's event isn't set in stone, and even though I prefer to fly with my squad-mates, I don't mind switching sides at all (if my mates are in agreement), to keep everybody happy....and give J5 a chance to fly on their native side. In fact, the chance to fly with new team mates is pretty cool, within an event, IMHO. If you're in agreement with me or just plain want to post an opinion of any kind, please do. I'm having a great time either way. It is nice to know ahead of time though, so I (we) can get some practice in the "enemy" crates. S!
  4. Bump- Luftritter Fokker D.VII post updated, link activated.
  5. Of all of the other pilots, I found your J10 scheme on your CL.II the most recognizable in the air last week, Vonrd. Great job!
  6. It seems to me the devs of DCS deliver with a lot less BS. Of course the cost is higher....(or is it?) It has always been hard for me to like this Jason fellow's attitude.
  7. What connection does DCS have with the whole GB franchise, if any? With regard to Loopy's original post, it appears to me that this is a tactic that the devs have been using for most of the history of RoF. Before we even have a complete sim, they're already threatening to say it's over and defunct. You buy everything possible and STILL they claim it's not enough. Well, I am tired of it. MAYBE, they have been looking at the purchases and server stats for FC so far and have already decided that it's unprofitable. Even though it's not yet fully completed! They don't care about the core. I don't think they ever have. It's not enough for them. We've just been lucky enough to have been dragged along with whatever marketing ploy seems viable for them at any given time. Buyer beware. I guess only expect the bare minimum of what they advertised (i.e.: volume one). I think what almost any of us wanted was an extension of RoF. If you judge by their posts, we'll be lucky to get the bare minimum of volume one, no more. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!! etc. End Rant
  8. No, as you can clearly see, it's so I can tell left from right πŸ˜„ Seriously though, we should keep this thread just individual submission posts, so the administration folks don't have to scroll through a million posts. I hope the Admins will move these commentaries to a separate commentary thread. It is not a bad idea for folks to make comments or post opinions so that we can maintain a standard of quality, to some extent, before the skins are actually added to official packs.
  9. Coming soon: Standard Fokker D.VII for Luftritter. I request this be added to our official skin pack(s). Luftritter Fokker D.VII Excessive Thanks to author, Larner!! @Vonrd, link activated, photos updated!
  10. I remember that Vonrd suggested that we have such a thread, and since I haven't seen an official one yet, I will start one and also request that it become a sticky in the "JG1 Skins" section. For discussions regarding paint schemes, post here.
  11. Bodenplatte Templates Look under "Battle of Bodenplatte" (below "collector planes") πŸ™‚
  12. That is very decent of you, and I plan to be there, regardless. Even if I only get to talk to people waiting, or the organizers, I still want to be there. Flying will be secondary, but nice, if possible. I feel the same as you, there are others with no or little flight time that need to get a taste of the fun before me, next week. S!
  13. I really don't think that's any big deal....I'll bet you could simply register on the stats server, whenever; and I doubt anybody at all would have any beefs. So long as the server wasn't completely full and both sides were reasonably balanced. This event, this year, seems a lot less formal and hard-lined, since it is breaking new ground and things are being learned as they progress. Of course I won't speak for the organizers, but it's a simple matter of asking, and IMHO the chances of a no answer seem pretty remote. I personally like the way it's being handled and think they're doing a great job. Everybody seems to be having a lot of fun. I think it's going to be well-remembered for a long time. I would definitely recommend trying to get in on it if at all possible, before it's over for the year.
  14. True. But he did seem to know, though.... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I think next week, if we have even more JG1's show up (which I suspect and hope will be true), I'll hang back to let others have a chance first. There is no reason why I should have a guaranteed spot every week. Truthfully, in the poll, I actually stated that I'd fly either side; so I'm not really sure how I ended up on the Central-only list. If we are lucky, they may increase the limit for next week....they've used that plan in the past; so if that allows everybody to fly, I'll jump in. If not, I've had a good amount of flight time in the first week, so I can step aside. In addition to those who flew in week 1, I think we may see Hook, Hotlead and maybe Labroisse and Lee. If Brit continues to show up, we may even see an obscure new recruit called "Klaiber" appear before it's all over!! πŸ˜„ πŸ‘ S!
  15. I would say that if you KNOW there is somebody on the game server who is waiting out a death penalty, and you're waiting to get in, go into their comm channel and tell them. They may be under the assumption that the limit is not reached. I know I asked a couple of times and was told that we were under our limit. Personally, I wasn't dead, but I did have to leave and fix something like you did. When I came back, I had no problem getting back on the server. With regard to the server capacity, I doubt they will do that. I believe a gunner takes as much resources from the server as a pilot does. I think that the limitation imposed is because of the limitations of the server's performance. There WERE some odd occurrences that appeared to be caused by the server being so full, but not so many that it affected the game play to any significant extent. Perhaps J5 will see your post and make a determination on this.
  16. A while back, probably while doing some kind of simple English/Metric conversions, I realized that the .303 round just didn't add up, and started researching why. The answer was made apparent through the history of rifled artillery in the British armed forces; however, it lead to a lot more information that was surprising to me. It included information on the historical evolution of that round....how technological advances changed the internal structure of the round and in what way it was meant to be effective in killing human beings. It also showed legislation, treaties and agreements between countries that attempted to limit or eliminate "inhumane" ways of killing people, and how that affected the evolution of the round, and how that ended up creating the end-product that was used at that time. Those are the rounds being shot at us from the Vickers and Lewis guns of our enemies. I didn't really look too deeply past the German standard for measurement of caliber which made it seem like a larger round, but which wasn't. I do remember from somewhere that the German rounds were steel jacketed instead of the softer copper used for the British rounds. It seems to me that fact was driven by a shortage of certain metals during the war, and apparently steel was not a problem for them. It would not surprise me to learn that some of that stuff occurred even before the war started, however.
  17. Quintessential wing man performance there, folks....he saved my ass, without any doubt. I got over-confident, considering what I could do in RoF or could have done earlier in FC in this plane; I also misjudged my opponent, who....was just fine with me going all the way to the ground with him. I also thought being so light....5% fuel....I could stay with him in any ground level turn. But I was wrong....and it does make me sad to say that no Dr.1, no matter how light, can stick with a Camel at ground level any more (in FC). Lesson well learned. It is hard to tell, but I got wounded from that first Camel and lost most of my elevator authority, so I was little help afterwards. It is amazing to see that Brit had more ability to fire accurately than I did at that time, even though he had only half of his lower wings. I also commend you for keeping your engine alive during that extended decent. Very many people would have blown their engine in a Dr.1 during that. I also see that you experienced the extreme left turn reluctance of the Dr.1 at least a couple of times. That turns most people off to the Dr.1. Thanks for sticking with it, when others wouldn't! Thanks Brit!!! Your victories were well-won. You have my gratitude and I'll fly with you any time. S!
  18. Define "properly". Even in gun measurments, you may notice that the Vickers in WWI is called a ".303", where as if you convert a 7.62 mm it is a bigger caliber. Then you find that back then they (the British) measured the distance between the highest points of the rifling, not the bore size....what is the bore size exactly, anyway.... In the end, it's the same size round; and actually it (the Vickers) renowned for it's power, range and accuracy, for that size. The rate of fire will always be subject to arguments, as it will on German guns too. Everything has a tolerance. Many, if not most folks do not understand the importance of this. Many people here will (Razwald and others). Definitions are important, though, there is no doubt.
  19. Well in electronics you get a very deep respect for the metric system; and in our world, how it relates to our stupid "imperial" system. Back in the late 1970's or early 80's the US began to try to convert officially to the metric system, but it failed and they abandoned the attempt. The main thing we consumers noticed was highway speed limit signs with both MPH and KPH on them; and cars had speedometer scales that showed both. Of course now you can push a button and your digital gauge will read out either.... However any technical or science related career will quickly demonstrate how much better the metric system is. That being said.....there is one area that I prefer our current standard, and that is in temperature. Celsius degrees are greater than Fahrenheit degrees....and therefore not as accurate, or descriptive, IMHO. I can feel a degree of F, and I feel like a degree of C is too much play when it comes to temperature regulation. Although Degrees F has no real reference like degrees C does, it is a finer scale. So I like it better. Does that mean I couldn't live with Celsius? No it does not. If it meant that we got everything else, hell yeah, it's well worth it.
  20. It all depends on how low your mount is compared to your optimum or desired hand height. If it is already at the perfect height, well then you don't need or want any angle change. If it is too high however....you want that down angle. Cool really, makes it seem like a long stick! There's really not that much difference between all three angles. If it's too high, get the 10. If it's almost...but not quite perfect, get the 6. You get the idea πŸ˜€
  21. It is 3.15 3 inches, plus 15% of another inch. This is more like 3-3/20 inch. 3-5/32 is 3.156. Very little difference really πŸ˜„
  22. Heute du, morgen ich πŸ˜„ Now that could work! I might just use that!
  23. "Schließe dich deinen BrΓΌdern in Walhall an, die ich geschickt habe" Too long, unfortunately. But it is my sentiment πŸ˜‰
  24. Thank-you. If I entered the first two words individually, those first two words were correct. My mistake was using German to English instead of Dutch to English, so it did not see that last word correctly, although I pretty much guessed it. You should put that on all your bottom wings πŸ˜€
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