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  1. Great post, thanks!
  2. Wow. Trying to recreate history is one thing, but completely ignoring the realities of the game is crazy. Gotta wonder who actually thought anybody on the Central side in their right mind would want to fly those matchups. What's really amazing is that it's hosted by a Central squadron.
  3. A bunch of guys in 3PG play WOFF for the single-player immersion experience. If you get on the 3PG Discord there's a channel for it viewable by the public. A lot of discussion going on there all of the time.
  4. @Yogi From the Game Setup and Setings FAQ on the IL2 forum, found here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2074-game-setup-and-settings-faq/#faq13 13) Game crashes to desktop all the time, what's wrong?Find the catalog where the game is installed, enter the folder properties and remove the tick from Read Only field.
  5. Can't see 3 wires on the lower connector (just hard to see, maybe). Did you turn a potentiometer into a rheostat?
  6. Worked on a pair of those for Hotlead, and it had the exact same problem. However, he never knew that part because he never used the toe brakes. I did fix the broken connections, but it was difficult because the conductors were some alloy, probably made of or at least containing steel, allowing them to be very fine and yet mechanically strong. Ironically that's their downfall because that mechanical strength causes repeated flexing mainly at the connection, where it snaps off. BTW, those wires are not unjacketed. They have a thin layer of clear insulation on them that must be stripped off to make connections. In any case, that metal resists soldering pretty fiercely and it's difficult or nearly impossible to get a molecular bond between the solder and the conductor. In my case, the wires broke at those white connectors on the circuit board. The wires are crimped in the back of the pins in the plastic housings. Those pins can be carefully removed from the connector. I think I re-opened the one that was originally used, brass I think (not an easy task), then re-crimped the newly stripped wire back on, making a good mechanical and electrical connection. I did hit it with some solder at the connection just to make sure it didn't come loose, since the crimp wasn't as good as the original. After that I reinserted the pins back in the connector, and secured the wires in a way that tried to minimize movement at the connections. It was all a waste of time though, since the REAL problem with his pedals was that it was electronically dead (that little circuit board shown in your picture). I tried to find a replacement by attempting to procure an old set of the same kind of pedals to cannabalize from, but it turned out those pedals were pretty rare and I ended up sending them back to HL as a failed attempt on my part. At some point he got a set of MFG Crosswinds. I've used them for years without any trouble. Once you see the construction of those expensive brands, the quality is obvious. Do yourself a favor and upgrade. COVID-19 relief stimulus payment is on it's way to you
  7. Cool to see a chat macro ability, although more than 2 canned message choices would be nice. Always missed the feature from RB3D.
  8. What a pleasant surprise and exciting narrative. Nice work! S!
  9. I don't get it, if you go to the extreme of either end, i.e. fully black or fully white, the chart indicates that you'll have no gloss and no reflectivity either way. Can that be true?
  10. the "shanty Irish" were the poor, who were presumed to live in shanties, or roughly-built cabins. The "lace curtain Irish" were those who were well off. Who knew?
  11. Amazing the difference between areas. The thing is if you're in an area like Vonrd's, you can relocate to an area like ours and be WAY ahead. The reverse is impossible. So if wages allow in those expensive areas, eventually you're better off, just when you need to be. @Klaiber, you really do absolutely live in that lanai and pool area. The entire lanai and pool deck will be screen enclosed....they all are here. No insects or debris falling into the pool!
  12. Thought I could attach our latest (and hopefully final) floor plan. This has to be approved by the county and the HOA. This takes up to 3 months
  13. At one time I was hoping for a separate office area (i.e. "man cave"?) but honestly the extra cost for a plan like that was just too much for us both in terms of money and in terms of space on our lot. So we're going with a standard 3 bedroom 2 bath, nothing extra, of somewhat over 1,700 sq ft. (living space) that also includes the important stuff (lanai and pool!) and forget the extra room. I'll use one of the guest bedrooms for that instead, and what we'll end up with is the "master suite" and one of the guest bedrooms will open onto the pool / lanai area, and hope we don't have need for more than that. I don't know what most of you guys are used to, but for that here is $350,000.00 if you don't go over budget, and honestly that's more than $100,000.00 more than we got for our old place which had a full finished basement besides. That's just the way it is, and you can't do much about it, and I get that it's far worse in other parts of the country. I'll be very happy if we can actually get through it all without any tremendous economic road blocks that could take place within the next year. A year is a long time to keep one's fingers crossed!! S!
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