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Found 4 results

  1. S! All, Don't know if you know this - Easy Mission Generator by Syndicate... But pretty easy to use and make yourself some COOP missions for all Great Battles & Flying Circus, Enjoy! Please find full details and downloads on this page: IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator And for instructions: https://sites.google.com/view/il2-great-battles-emg/tips-tricks?authuser=0 ----------------- What is it? A utility that will let you generate single, cooperative and even dogfight missions for the wonderful IL2 combat flight sim. For cooperative missions it pr
  2. S! All, Just got a newsletter from Gefuv (french squadron newsletter), and one of the title was... sneak preview in high-definition of the Bodenplatte map! So just click this link and enjoy this new map Bodenplatte sneak preview map. Soon on your main screen! Another link for great news about flight Sims: https://stormbirds.blog/ Cheers, Gen ps: I've got a copy of the JPEG Bodenplatte map, I will paste it inside the II./JG1 TS web browser.
  3. Hey gents, I made a pretty cool guncam video that I think you can appreciate. It's a sort of montage from a few kills on Berloga while flying a 109 G-2. Would be great if you guys could comment or leave a like on it, and let me know what you think. PS. Not sure how to embed here...
  4. S! All, If you ever wanted to fly Il2 Sturmovik (WW2 era), but wasn't sure to invest in the games and series... on sale in Steam & the Il2 store I would say, go and buy it now... since Il2 Sturmovik Stalingrad & Moscow are in special @ 27$ for the premium edition including the collector planes! You can also get some collector plane and special campaign almost half price! If you guys need any help after buying all thoses planes and games... feel free to hop on the JG1 TS IL2 channel. Cheers, Gen ----------------------------- Rise of flight is 66% off for su
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