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Found 1 result

  1. S! All, Pretty happy to arrived at the end of this skin story... After a request from @127Tom (a few weeks ago and many problem with this specific pattern for the D.Va)... I got great help from some fellow skin creators: Gooseh, szelljr, the_dudeWG and many others... the official copyright of this skin goes to ( Gooseh )! I was able to finish today the skin of commander Hermann Leptien of Jasta 63, Mid-1918. - edited - This skin will be given as a personal skin to 127Tom, and will be shown for the first time live on Flying Circus this Saturday for Flanders in Flames event! Skin Name: V_Jasta63_127Tom_May1918.dds A little history of Jasta 63 and the skin 7 victory ace Hermann Leptien's Royal Prussian Jasta 63 commander is illustrated (see photo A) with post May 1918 arm' balkenkreuz applied to the wings, fuselage and rudder. This is based on a rather indistinct photgraph which, although probably not showing Leptien's aicraft, does show how Jasta 63 interpreted the post May 1918 'uneven arm' balkenkreuz conversion on their aircraft. Herman initially flew with Jasta 21 where he was awarded 3 victories in late 1917 and early 1918 before being made commander of Jasta 63 in February 1918. Leptien's personal marking was the Wappen (heraldic shield) of the city of Kiel in Scheswig-Holstein, Germany. Unknown photograph of Jasta 63 and crew men. This photo possibly shows Hermann Leptien's Jasta 63 Albatros D.Va OAW aircraft before the eisernkreuz markings were converted to post May 1918' uneven arm 'balkenkreuz. Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph. Leptien is the tall chap in the middle of the photograph, 4rth from the left. Enjoy! Cheers, GenMarkof
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