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Found 4 results

  1. S! All, On a day off, what better then taking a few hours on my next ride for the Indy Car 2020 Series - with the JG1 Racing Team! Still looking at some stuff, but I like this new paint job. Cheers, GenMarkof ps: with only one paint skin, it fits for all Indy Car - Road, Oval, small Oval and Indy regular.
  2. S! All,Here are the official JG1RT Formula 2 skins to download to your AC game. Link: https://we.tl/t-fJWcEYNNBXIt's pretty easy, just download the ZIP file, unZip it in a folder and copy the ( Content ) folder to your first level of Assetto Corsa game.You should see after this, No 17, 27 and 59 cars. For Snaggle & Ludwig, you need to download the skins from JG1 Discord.Cheers,Gen-----Quick view of the 3 skins.No27 Lipfert skinNo59 Britchot SkinNo17 GenMarkof skin (some changes were made last minute)Have a great Formula 2 season to all!Cheers,Gen
  3. S! Lipfert, Hope you can make it for the next Formula 2 series... Just in case, this just came out of the Paint Shop! Cheers, Gen ----------------------- edited: change the wheel color to white!
  4. S! Britchot, This just came out of the Paint Shop... Let me know what you think of this first draft! Cheers, Gen -- edited July 13 -- I did a small change on my skin, installing some white Tyres!
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