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Found 2 results

  1. S! All, We now have (2) two skin pack: - Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol.1 - German Tank Skins - Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol.2 - Allied Tank Skins Since the size of the Download .ZIP files are pretty big (4K DDS skins), we had to separate the German skins (+/- 2 GB) and the Allied skins (+/- 1 GB). Pictures of all skins are available below the steps to download the skins files. STEP 1. PLEASE REMOVE ANY OLD 'TANK CREW' SKINS IN YOUR GAME SKIN FOLDERS! How to delete my old 'Tank Crew' skins? Go to your game folder (IL-2 Strumovik 'Battle of Stalingrad') folder... then in: data/graphics/skins... And remove from all tanks Name folders, any files starting with: V_!_JG1... STEP 2. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE UNOFFICIAL JG1 'TANK CREW' SKINS VOL.1 & Vol.2: How to install those skins in my Il2 Great Battle skins folders? 1. Download the Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' German Skin Pack Vol.1 here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/skbw8yclu7yplee/file 1. Download the Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Allied Skin Pack Vol.2 here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o4pnu8jq9vm4sja/file 2. Unzip the 'Tank Crew' German Skin Pack Vol.1 or Allied Skin Pack Vol.2 in a folder of your choice (ex.: on the Desktop or the Documents) 3. Copy the (Data) folder inside the (JG1_Unofficial_TankCrew_German or Allied_Skins) folder and Paste/Drop this (Data) folder in your main game folder (IL-2 Strumovik 'Battle of Stalingrad'). 4. Enjoy and have fun! - Don't forget all JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skin files starts with V_!_JG1... Important Note: by pasting the data folder in your main game folder, this will not erase or remove any other 'Tank Crew' skins from any folders! Always good to do a backup of the folder, If you feel like it! ---------------- A big Thank You to the IL2 'Tank Crew' Skin Creators Community for the authorization of using some of the tank skins and modifying them after! ------------- Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol.1 - German Tank Skins - pictures Summer skins: Tanks with Additional Armor Plates are shown in pictures... Skins are also available without the Armor Plates! Autumn & Winter skins: Tanks with Additional Armor Plates are shown in pictures... Skins are also available without the Armor Plates! ---------------------------- Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' Skin Pack Vol.2 - Allied Tank Skins - pictures Summer skins: Autumn & Winter skins: ---------------------------- If you have any problems with the links above, please let me know. I have no control on the download time of the .ZIP files, since all home Internet connection are different! If your download is slow, why not try early or late in the day... Cheers, GenMarkof Note: All Skins and Numbers were verified in Game Play mode... this does not mean that some changes will not be applied in the future! Thx --------------- Special thx to the creator of the Font (Back in the USSR) used for the Text & Numbers on Russian Tanks... available at: https://www.dafont.com/back-in-the-ussr-dl.font
  2. S! All, After getting a GO from the JG1 High Command, a first Unofficial JG1 'Tank Crew' skin pack Vol.1 & Vol.2 are coming very soon! These 'Tank Crew' skin packages will be used by our JG1 'Tank Crew' tankers and will be given to other 'Tank Crew' squadrons or any other tankers that will join us or be part of Combined Arms event in the IL2 'Tank Crew' community. This will help us and others to identify better each of the tanks in combat. We invite all JG1 members to ask for a JG1 'Tank Crew' skins, if you think to get involve or you want to join us for any events (if you don't have the game, you can still be part of a tank crew!).. We only need your JG1 insignia - in .PNG or .SVG format (if none), we will try to create one for you... if your not a hard client! ---------------- At this time, here are the following Il2 Tank skins that have been created: - PzKpfw IV Ausf.G (winter and summer skins)- PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 "Tiger" (winter and summer skins) - M4A2 “Sherman” (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 14 - T-34-76 (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 14 - PzKpfw III Ausf.M (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 15 - KV-1s (winter and summer skins) - added Aug 16 - PzKpfw V Ausf.D "Panther" (winter and (2) summer skins) - added Aug 18 --- edited August 20 ---- They are now ready to download... Check this post: --------------- - PzKpfw III Ausf.L - we won't be able to do any skins for the free German tank... at this time, no template are available, very sorry! ---------------- List of JG1 members that have already sign up for the JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skins pack: - Klaiber = number R01 - Britchot = number R02 - Moxy = number 201 - Vonrd = number 202 - Heinrich - number 404 - added Aug 13 - Trev - number S (415) - Lipfert - number 511 - Badger = number 512 - Wittmann = number 522 - GenMarkof = number 614 - Butzzell = number 711 - J30 Hangman = number J302 (for (little J) + 30 + 2) - added Aug 18 (only German Tank skins & the M4A2 'Sherman' skin) - J30 insignia was added We use the JG1 'oseau' roster system for the numbers on tanks. For non-members of JG1 WW2 roster, we give numbers (ex.: Butzzell = 711) or we can also use the JG1 'Fritz Schmenkel' roster numbers (ex: Trev = 415). Color Numbers on tanks: if needed, we will use the colors from the Gruppe or Staffel for the numbers on tanks. Many late tanks use outlines for the numbers. 'Tank Crew' is using the new file format for JG1 skins (made by Vonrd and Heinrich): v_!_JG1_[tank name folder]_[camo type*]_[tanker name]_[tanker number].dds * 'Camo type' = summer or winter' ** Since Tanks are really close objects in IL2 battlefields, we need to have all skins in 4K. -------------- - When should the first JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skin package be available? 'If all goes well, a first package should be ready by the end of next week - around August 21st.' ' I will try to post the skin visuals by this weekend for each of the tanks done at this time' - When should I give my request for my Tank skins? 'As soon has possible, the final package should be ready by next week... so send your request before the start of next week, if possible!.' 'All request after that, will be updated in a sequence of a few weeks depending on the numbers to create' ----------------- Important note - please read: about the JG1 Unofficial 'Tank Crew' skins, we are trying to create simple and good looking skins that will help us (camo, communicate, identify, ...) on the battlefield. We are not trying to focus only on historic timeline for the type of skins. All comments are welcome, but remember that Tanks skin are a pretty long process to create since some of them, we need to work (2) two files per tanks (and sometimes two type of camo, for winter and summer). Thanks, GenMarkof
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