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Found 1 result

  1. FIF 2020 "Winter Campaign" Objectives: FIF 2020 has 29 total possible objectives, which are shared and/or divided up between the Blue Team and the Red Team. During a mission night, each team should have 17 objective types available to them, often with multiple target opportunities within each of those objective types. In order to confirm that they are in fact attacking an active target, pilots should verify a potential target against the in-game map. Machine gun emplacements will make any attempt to bomb objectives extremely difficult. Thus, bombing aircraft will need to be prepared to make several sorties to rearm and re-attack. This will undoubtedly increase the bomber's chance of getting intercepted by the enemy. Part of a team's strategy will be in prioritizing what objectives should be attempted within the two hour mission window available. A complete description of how to complete each objective can be found below. . . . Primary Central Objectives: Destroy moving Entente Targets [trains on railways] Destroy Entente Supply Depots Destroy Entente Factories Destroy Entente Bridges Destroy stationary Entente Targets [waterway barges / ships] Destroy Entente Aerodromes [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Entente HQ recon Strategic recon [pre-selected by High Command] Espionage [spy mission] Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Central Objectives: Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Destroy Entente HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Entente HQ Recon secondary objective Espionage Target [Espionage Secondary Objective] Destroy Entente Reserve Unit [Espionage Tertiary Objective] Destroy Off-Road Entente Convoy [Strategic Recon secondary] . . . Primary Entente Objectives: Destroy moving Central Targets [trains on railways] Destroy Central Supply Depots Destroy Central Factories Destroy Central Bridges Destroy stationary Central Targets [waterway barges / ships] Destroy Central Aerodromes [target oil drums] Artillery Correction / Arty Spotting Central HQ recon Central Trench Map Capture the Central General Wreath drop [to honor enemy ace] Secondary Entente Objectives: Front-line unit [Artillery Correction Secondary Objective] Destroy Central HQ [HQ Recon secondary objective] Central HQ Recon secondary objective Central Trench Attack [Trench Map Secondary Objective] Destroy Tanks at Factory [Capture the General Secondary Objective] Destroy Central Reserve Unit [Capture the General Tertiary Objective]
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