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JG1 is now comprised as three sites. The original two with a parent site acting as a landing site for both/all sub-sites


www.jg1.org is the top level, parent site.

www.jg1.org/richthofen/ is the WWI site

www.jg1.org/oesau/ is the WWII site


while they all appear to be virtual directories of the same site, they are independent sites.


Each site, while shares the same security pool, we must register on each to gain access to them. If a user registers with the same details for user name and password, it will recognize that you are the same person from a security aspect and it will allow you to navigate from site to site without loginning in each time.


So, to properly register for all three sites follow these steps.


1. Go to www.jg1.org and click register.

2. Enter your user name, ie mine is 'krupinski'

3. Enter your first name and last name

4. Enter your display name, ie mine is 'Rabe'

5. Enter your email address, ie mine is krupinski@jg1.org

6. enter your password and repeat it in the confirm password.

7. Click register


You now have "basic" membership rights to the www.jg1.org site.



For www.jg1.org/richthofen/


1. Go to www.jg1.org/richthofen/ and click register

2. Repeat steps 2 through 7 of the steps for www.jg1.org, using the same values.


You now have basic membership rights to www.jg1.org/richthofen/


For www.jg1.org/oesau/


1. Go to www.jg1.org/oesau/ and click register

2. Repeat steps 2 through 7 of the steps for www.jg1.org, using the same values.


You now have basic membership rights to www.jg1.org/oesau/


If you DO NOT use the same values on each site, your security records will not be linked. I will need to delete them and have you start over.


Once you have registered on the site(s) you will gain access to all of our 'basic' membership content. Once I assign you to the appropriate security roles, such as 'Member', new content may be available to you, such as training materials, member skins, etc.


The forums:


Once we pull the switch tonight, the forums may not be available. In their present form, they will go away and be replaced by a forum system integrated with the site, i.e. will look at feel like the site(s) and will use the already present security.


These instructions will be posted on www.jg1.org in case these forums become unavailable.

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