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MAJOR improvement in FPS


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I just installed this and had an astounding improvement in FPS.

In 2D DCS an easy 80 - 90 FPS (Before was about 40 - 50). In VR, with NO changes to my 2D settings, I now have an easy average of 35 FPS even when flying in high stress areas.

I'm however getting lots of "CPU Bound" notifications. I'll try turning my game settings down. (Does anyone know which settings might be best to turn down?). 

I did have to push my Gamma way up though... to about 3.


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25 minutes ago, loopy said:

Have you noticed any improvement in spotting aircraft at a distance

I haven't been using it long enough to say yet. Regardless, I'm sure that it's not any worse as far as spotting and with the increase in performance it will allow more adjustments as far as graphics goes.

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