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Impressions from 1st Black September Mission


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Did some recordings in the 1st Mission of J5 Black September. 

Came for the 2nd half and was assigned in a bomber flight with @Vonrd , @Lee and @Jaus, where we 1st went for enemy airfield at cappy which we were able to knock out. Unfortunatly I did not record anything of that attack, which was out of a training book, all planes did make it back to the home base. 

In the remaining 30 minutes we headed north in expectation to go for tank bombing; when we arrived there 10 Minutes before the mission ended we did not find any tank, but one most intense furballs I had for quite long time now...

Following pics are out of that action...

Thx 4 the fun guys and thanks for leading us @HotleadColdfeet 🙂















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Those screenshots are super cool! And thank you for participating! Von’s flight did a freaking amazing job, attacking tanks, leading a synchronized attack on an enemy field that successfully took it out of action, and then engaging enemy fighters’ attention at the end. And all with minimal comms based on a thrown-together plan at the beginning. You guys just “got” it and I could trust you to fill in the gaps where I couldn’t be present to give new orders. Very well done! 😃

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On 9/12/2022 at 9:27 AM, Jaus said:

I'm still curious to know what the special message about Cappy meant at the beginning of the mission.   When we attacked I expected resistance, but there was none.

The message meant that Cappy was a lightly defended forward airbase, with less AA. I wager we ran into Camels from that base early into the mission. @Flyboy’s flight sustained some losses, but did kill them all. I also strafed their fuel truck, rendering it useless as a repair location. I wonder if it only had limited planes and then we killed them all off? And you guys arrived to destroy the airbase before it could replenish the planeset? That’s my best guess. 💁‍♂️

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