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Ultimate General - Civil War (Colonel)


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16 minutes ago, Snaggle said:

Word is Ai is bad.

I think when I played it it was just out of early access. The logistics of the campaign map were not very intuitive so that part was frustrating.  I do recall the AI doing some dumb things in battle not sure if it is still that way.  I know there have been some AI updates so I may check it out if nothing else catches my attention this winter. 

30 minutes ago, Snaggle said:

Oh and I never play a game until it a “few” years old 😱

I on the other hand I will get a game when it comes out only to find out that it has bugs and end up being disappointed.


Don't fret on pausing Ultimate General or any RTS I do it.  Those youtubers that can play RTS games flawlessly amaze me. 

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