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Updated 23 March 2013 for DCS: World 1.2.3


I'm not sure if any of you have been running any mods on your DCS install but I've found a few that I found to be hard to live without. I figured I'd share with you guys here and please post what you've found as well.


You can use JSGME to add mods just like Il-2. Go to this thread for a step-by-step installation if you're not familiar with setting up JSGME.


DCS: World

This version of the Ricardo pit with Russian lettering works with 1.2.3. The Cyrillic leters are in the stock version now so it's not a big change (this will also have some nice Su-27/33 pits with it from the looks of the screen caps). Be sure to follow the instruction carefully and use Note++ to edit the .lua, not the default Notepad in Windows. I love it!


Su-25T 6DOF: Another must-have unless you like the feeling of your neck in a brace. This like flying UP3/4.11.1 versus 4.10 stock! Use Notepad++ to adjust the server.lua to values found in this post. I used this edit in the server.lua of the Proper Neck Mod mentioned below.


Russian Radio comms: I love it even though I only understand the numbers. The subtitles will still be English so until I develop a strong desire for Vodka with breakfast, I'll be able to fly missions without being completely lost. Works quite well with 1.2.3.


zzzSpace's Real Sound Mod v2.0: This one is all inclusive and replaces the old version I had on here. I flew a mission with the older version in 1.2.1 and I literally jumped when a SAM missed my aircraft by a couple of meters. It is amazing!


DCS: A-10C

Proper Neck Mod:, it's quite nice not to Linda Blair in the cockpit. I edited the server.lua as mentioned above in Su-25T 6DOF.


NVG Mask: It makes the NVGs look more realistic. There is a little bit of adjustment that you have to make in order for it to look clean on the various monitors, but it's so much better than the stock NVG image. Be sure to pick up the edited Focus.png if you have problems seeing the laser pointer from the JTAC.


DCS: Ka-50 (I don't own this but I've got my eye on a few of these for when I do)

RICARDO's HD Cockpit Mod: I showed this to USMC_Trev and he nearly knocked my computer over, so I guess it's a must-have. There is a Russian language pit available for immersion and it looks fantastic. Confirmed to work with 1.2.1 by ED Moderator/Tester.

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Thanks Klaiber. I was looking for a place to keep track of all my mods and I figured I could place it here for others to see. I'm not worried about going into online servers with these as I'm not much of one to fly online with this sim. The only online flying I've been doing is some small co-ops with USMC_Trev and Spies.


I can't believe I forgot about the real sound mod, I've updated the OP.

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I had some great success last night with DCS and updated a few threads. I think what I'll do is copy my modified files (the several .luas) into our TS DCS file browser in order to help out anyone interested in my modifications. This would save you guys the hassle of editing it yourself. ED just sent out another hotfix so I'll be editing mine all over again. I tend to do it by hand so I don't mess up any bugs ED has repaired within the files.

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