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Reinstalled Elite Dangerous


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Also, there is this from Steam:




Reverb G2 here. I am using OpenXR with Elite as well as other titles. I'm seeing slightly better performance versus using Steam VR, but not as much as I see in other games.


I'm using the Per-Game Installation 64 bit version (Link is down the page)

This will download a new openvr_api.dll that you then place in the game's folder.
For Horizons something like:

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-64\Openvr\win64

For Odyssey something like:

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-odyssey-64\Openvr\win64

Note: make a copy of the existing openvr-api.dll in the folder before overwriting it in case you need to go back.

In the same folder create a new file "opencomposite.ini" and give it this line:
supersampleRatio = 1.0

This sets WMR OpenXR supersampling to 100%. Adjust the settings to suit your hardware. With my RTX 3080 I can set this to 1.0 in Horizons and 0.6 or 0.7 in Odyssey.

Then you just start the game as you normally would. In my case in Steam when I hit Play I then choose Play in Steam VR and instead of it starting Steam VR it will now start WMR OpenXR.

If you want to go back to using Steam VR just delete the openvr-api.dll you added and replace it with the original one.



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Didn´t have the steam version of Elite, but the standalone. When OpenXR toolkit came out I´d tried to make Elite run under OpenXR by copying the .dll files etc. what didn´t work. Sometime later, after Elite received some updates, it suddenly worked without copying anything. Just by using the open compositor tool and make sure Elite is as well as DCS noted there ti run under OpenXR.

For the Elite Dangerous steam version, I would look on how to proceed OpenXR for the DCS Steam version - it should be the same procedure, like switching in SteamVR to OpenXR and execute the open compositor program. There shouldn´t be a manual copy of .dll files at all anymore.

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Yesterday the Thargoids invaded the bubble and started a large scale war with humanity 😄, but only on version 4.0 of Odyssey, as far as I understood. But Horizons CMDRs could still meet with Odyssey CMDRs for regular missions, but have no access to the new content in the game.  So everyone actively playing for sure is running Odyssey 4.0.

... if only I had more time to play this - I like Elite Dangerous very much. 

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I’m running Odyssey in VR, but it requires a powerful system for good VR performance.  My system is an  i7-12700k/RTX3080, which I’m very happy with.

Still doing my trading and mining, plus the new Exobiology.  Main theme of the new update is the Thargoid war.  Not sure yet how that will impact my play style since I don’t do combat.  Hoping Frontier keeps with the big sandbox model where you can pick what you want to participle in and ignore the rest. 

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