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DCS: World 1.2.1


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They've updated again. This time it includes an auto-updater so this will be the last full install that will be necessary. There are a lot of fixes, even more than what is mentioned in the release notes. I'm excited to get in there and test all those mods to see which ones I no longer need.


Also, I believe DCS: P-51 is no longer a beta. I don't believe I'll be purchasing this one until they make DCS: Bf-109G, though.

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Re: P-51 - I bought it, but haven't flown it much. Still trying to set up my HOTAS. Maybe if other people have it, they can give me a hand.


My purchase of P-51 was mostly one of hopeful support for future WW2 projects by Eagle Dynamics. I would love them to make an official Bf 109 or Fw 190 DCS sim. Even a Me 262 or He 162 would be awesome. And I guess there is hope, as per discussions at the DCS forums (though this is all just hearsay):




Honestly, I personally think it's in DCS' best interest to get involved in WW2 stuff. There is a niche that needs to be filled, and a complete collapse of all competition in this area. 1C's CoD is basically DOA, and their next project is still years away (and will probably be just as buggy). And while 777 has hinted that they may at some future point make a WW2 sim, I'm not holding my breath. Plus, while Rise of Flight is an amazingly fun game to fly online, but it's about as deep as a puddle. Any future projects they take on will probably be more of the same.


Honestly, IMHO, DCS is our best hope right now for a true successor to IL-2 1946.

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I think DCS fits into the top modern fighter/attack simulator. Moving to WWII sounds like it would occupy a lot of thier time and money. Perhaps some 3rd party will create WWII planes but so far it seems the vast support is for the newer jets. I would love to see some Vietnam or Yom Kippur War era fighters (Mig-17/21s, F-4s, A-4s, etc.) to occupy that gap in warfighting.


In the meantime I'm settling on liberating the oil trade from NATO and the Georgian forces back to mother Russia where it belongs.


Next week may work for me since I have family in town this week.

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Here are some more discussions regarding possible WW2 content:




One comment in that thread has irked me for weeks, though. It's by someone who is flagged "ED Team" (though I'm not sure what that means) :




Yes - you are correct that in 1944/45 the majority version was the G. However' date=' there were still E flying due to production constraints on manufacturing the G due to allied bombing.


Interestingly, if you read the autobigraphies/biographies of German pilots, their favourite aircraft was the E. Less power, but more manoeuverable than the G.

The FW190 was inferior above 20,000 ft, where most combat took place attacking B17s.


But I would not worry too much, I am sure modders will be creating a G![/quote']


I'm sure you guys can see why that bugs me.


No 1944/1945 front-line fighter unit for Germany used the Bf 109E. Yes, in 1944/1945, Emils could still be found in some German training units. And yes, a few Bf 109Es could be found in co-belligerent service, even in 1944: Bulgarian, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. But Bf 109Es didn't regularly fight P-51Ds.


And the Germans had absolutely no problems producing Gustavs, despite heavy bombing by the Allies. Heavy bombing actually didn't really slow aircraft production in Germany at all. They had more Gustavs than they did pilots. And that was the actual problem.


Also, from everything I've read, the Frederich was the preferred Bf 109 of German pilots.





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That statement fueled me with the same sentiments you wrote. I will not buy DCS: Bf 109E4, the mods won't help the flight model in DCS the way it does in IL-2.


Also' date=' from everything I've read, the Frederich was the preferred Bf 109 of German pilots.



I've read the same; although Günther Rall loved the G2 and thought the G6 was over-engineered.




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