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Hyperlobby updated to 4.3.7


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Missed this announcement earlier this year by Jiri but he has been hard at work updating Hyperlobby after a 7 year hiatus.
HyperLobby 4.3.7 development thread




Jiri-Fojtasek @ Hyperlobby Forums wrote:

Hello all

As i noted at the News section, some work are in progress. Main website and server migration is done and after a while i focusing to fix/improve HyperLobby client itself. I has been 7 years since last update ...I have  some work done and need to test those changes by our community. Because i need feedback download link will be visible only to forum registered users. Here is current changelog:

Changes in 4.3.7 (release)
Whats new:
⦁     Removed image from time.
⦁     Password character changed from # to *.

Bug fixes:
⦁    Gameinfo "Mission type:" changed to "Mission:", "Players max/total:" changed to "Players:", hide gameinfo also after mouseover GAMES IN PROGRESS label.
⦁     Chat Callsign mouseover glitches.
⦁     Missing banner tooltip.
⦁     Bug in md5 file checking.
⦁     Some typos, missing tooltips.

Changes in 4.3.6 (release)
Whats new:
⦁    Game info: added ping lights and counters beside the tittlebar, completly redesigned.
⦁    Improved performane of the chat.
⦁    Implemented banner scalling.
⦁    New skin LongHornXP 2.0.

Bug fixes:
⦁    Chat mouse wheel scrolling support for Windows 10.
⦁    Chat scroll out issues.
⦁    Incorrect border of VB.Label controls (introduced by x64 Windows).
⦁    Games in progress scrollbar is show only when its necessary, game info is show also over ping lights and only when its necessary.
⦁    Game info show incorrect collors after skin change.
⦁    Game room selector mouseover glitches.
⦁    Add https url handler.
⦁    Skin Chrome 1.0 has not been displayed in skin list.


HyperLobby server changes:
⦁    Implemented //help command
⦁    Implemented libcrypt password encryption
⦁    Ported to Linux x64 architekture

If you got involved to testing please post your feedback to this topic ...





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