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Latest DCS Update screwed up?


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I'm still struggling to get DCS to work and think this may be the issue (Changelog from Friday):

  • OpenXR is removed from autosearch. DCS has a chain of VR vendors in priority oculus, OpenVR, Varjo, etc. OpenXR was in that chain in top priority, now it is removed from this chain and only available when you explicitly specify it in command line of DCS.

From this thread and regarding changing shortcut properties:


Although you don't technically ūüėĄ



I just have the use VR headset box checked in options.


I changed the shortcut "Target" as above and DCS launches in VR (headset only... nothing on monitor). Well, that's fine and dandy except that I have no mouse cursor. I took a whole day off from the computer because of frustration and am back in the same boat today with blood pressure on the rise.


There's another thread regarding Steam VR vs OpenXR changes:





Posted Thursday at 03:38 PM

It drives me a bit nuts how people throw around the words and mixing stuff up adding more to the confusion. Let's try to clear this up:

- VR runtimes and VR APIs -

SteamVR can do OpenVR and OpenXR.
Oculus can do LibOVR and OpenXR.
Windows Mixed Reality can do WMR and OpenXR. (Microsoft couldn't find an additional name to distinguish between their VR runtime and VR API) :P

1. DCS now talks OpenXR
2. Before the latest patch DCS could only talk OpenVR (SteamVR's native VR API) and LibOVR (Oculus's native VR API).
3. DCS never could talk WMR, the Windows Mixed Reality API by Microsoft (Sadly HP chose WMR as main VR runtime for the Reverb series, here starts most of the trouble...).
4. Microsoft made a very bad "WMR for SteamVR plugin" so that WMR headset owners would be at least able to play VR games over SteamVR and it's OpenVR API because nobody really made VR games for WMR. This WMR plugin is basically a very underpaid translator, talking OpenVR to WMR, a bad choice of middleman software for popular headsets like HP's Reverb series.
5. So for DCS that means - it talked OpenVR to the WMR for SteamVR plugin wich translated everything to WMR. This wasn't working very well. Thank you Microsoft (good that they now finally stopped this). So OpenComposite came in for the rescue. It translates everything from DCS to OpenXR, the only other VR API that WMR understands. And OpenComposite put a lot of tuning options into it to compensate WMR performance troubles. It is the better translator.
6. OpenXR was developed by Khronos Group to end this mess - One API for ALL!
7. Guess what, SteamVR can also natively talk OpenXR. Oculus can also natively talk OpenXR.
8. OpenComposite is not OpenXR. Sadly a lot of people, mostly HP Reverb owners, refer to OpenComposite as OpenXR. That's not correct. It's also unfair to blame SteamVR for having bad performance if you plug a WMR headset to it via the inferior "WMR for SteamVR plugin".
9. For DCS now everything is about to change!


SteamVR native HMD -->
Oculus native HMD -->            OpenXR       -->      DCS
WMR native HMD -->

No more translators needed, finally. Each VR runtime has OpenXR included for quite some time already. If you have a myriad of VR tweaks installed, especially if you were going the OpenComposite route, just start fresh. Step by Step. In the coming months a lot is going to change. Most guides are already deprecated now. Especially for DCS and VR and HP Reverb owners.
(And no, DCS bought on Steam doesn't mean you have to use SteamVR. Steam as a shop and SteamVR as a system component are completely different things. You can now use DCS standalone or DCS from Steam with every VR runtime that is compatible with your VR HMD.)


I guess I'll keep thrashing at it. Might have to go back to SteamVR??? It all sucks since I finally had good settings for spotting.



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OK, after all that I found that Skatezilla's GUI works and DCS launches fine in the VR headset along with a 2d visible mirrored on the monitor. Cursor is operational in both. For some reason my App settings in Skatezilla for VR Interface settings had changed to Oculus. Changing it to SteamVR seems to have done the trick.



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