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I know that I haven't been participating with JG1 for some time now so I wanted to check in and explain why.  Unfortunately I am at the age where problems pop up (73).  I've picked up a problem with my left eye where the vision has diverged dramatically from my right eye.  Additionally, it seems to wander a bit from day to day.  Makes it really hard to come up with glasses that correct the vision for all circumstances.  Indeed, as I type, the letters are slightly blurry since my current glasses are optimized for reading books and not for computer distances.  Really screws up tactical flying since I just can't see small targets at distances with results you can well imagine.  Most of my flying now is with DCS and involves carrier ops since the big mirror on the supercarrier module works well even though I can't see the actual mirror on the boat at any distance.  Getting pretty good with the T-45.  Nevertheless, the problem has completely screwed tactical flying.  Still playing around with my optometrist trying to find a prescription that works but not having much luck and I have to admit I am not terribly optimistic.  Works well for books and my distance vision for driving is fine even without glasses.  Just can't make the book, computer, driving combination work.  Anyway, best wishes to everyone.  

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@Vikner! We've all been wondering about you and hoping that you're OK. Sorry to hear about the vision issues and I hope that your optometrist can find a solution. 

If you're able to fly at all (and it seems it's so regarding your work in DCS), please come join us and maybe we can find a way to get you in with us. We do lots of low key practice and haven't had a really serious tournament DID style thing for quite a while. 

Would you have any interest in doing GCI?

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Great to hear from you Vik!  Yours is definitely a name that comes up from time to time. Sorry to hear of your troubles. 

13 hours ago, Vikner said:

Most of my flying now is with DCS...

The F-4E is coming out soon!  Although it's a different model than you flew, I'm excited to hear your impressions of it. 

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Vik, good to hear from you. As a fellow 73 year old I fully understand and sympathize with your situation. Hopefully your optometrist will work something out.  Visual target acquisition is overrated anyway, I just follow the bullet stream back to its origin.  My optometrist tells me I’m starting to get cataracts, so there’s that for me to look forward to. Lately I’ve been pushing the idea that the 70’s are the new 60’s. What do you think?


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