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von Guber (Black Haze)


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I know that we've had a number of former Black Haze squadron members in JG1.

@Snaggle, @Dutch, @loopy, @Razwald, @Dudley, @IRFC Hawkeye, etc.

My apologies for not tagging everyone.

BH Lt. von Schmidlak has posted that von Guber passed away in the Summer of 2020.

He posted on the old Black Haze boards:


And on the IL-2 boards:


I didn't know vG very well, but I always enjoyed flying with and against him.  He'll definitely be missed.

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Jake and I knew him pretty well. We were in BH for years. vG was a funny guy and we enjoyed his humor. He was the ramrod that got things done.

Schmiddy was one of vG's favorites and said so many times. He was a sharp kid that was hacking a path through the world and doing it in the Japanese language which is a really tall order. 

Sorry to hear this, I guess it affects all areas and endeavors. Sadly, I am getting these messages all to often now. 

Thanks so much for passing it along to us. 


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