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Do You Remember Sven (Rifleman)


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Motion simulation training is really highly over rated. I remember when the USAF was going AWAY from motion sim training and going more towards just straight sim training without the motion. It made more sense as the motion portion is really more comic book than reality. If you want to learn to fly the a/c the sim is definitely the way to go.

I have trained on multiple platforms as a pilot and I have trained pilots as a sim instructor for the USAF (T-38) and for AA on the MD-80 and for CAE on the Phenom 300.  (...and I turned down the USN for the T-45 in MEI last year)

No motion means no sensory input which means that your scan has to pick up everything. That means you have a razor sharp scan. I recommend MSFS 2020 to all my clients particularly those that do not fly as much and want to stay sharp. It makes a HUGE difference in your performance. Quite some years back.... bear in mind here.....too much whiskey tonight and way too tired... the USAF announced that they were going to begin a move towards static sim training and it was a good move, but the problem was that it benefitted mostly pilots that were already rated, and sharp in the a/c. The medium time/skilled goomers not so much. Now, the worm has turned again with the automation reaching ever higher and higher levels in the cockpit which is allowing (I will let YOU make the call) mediocre pilots to pass through training and they are HEAVILY dependent on automation. 

You already know this stuff... but just to be clear, $16 million dollar sim can only simulate momentary G loading, it can not replicate steady loads. Does it matter???  Nah... probably not.... sometimes it helps... sometimes it is a bother. The sim REALLY struggles with lateral G during engine out on multi-engine platforms. The stuff goes sliding off my desk (IOS panel) because these clod hoppers have never flown anything tail dragger or otherwise rudder demanding and consequently think that they are skilled and competent when in reality they are lacking coordination skills badly. The sim can't teach you that, you need to be out in the real world and experience these things for yourself. It makes you a much better pilot. I also HEAVILY recommend that they get out and fly a Stearman or a glider etc...  that goes for you fellas reading this.... it is NOT that expensive.

So I guess the old adage of fight like you train is really great... but you don't fight in a simulator. Actually, you guys that are mastering DCS in non-motion environs would have some advantage of those trained in motion sims for the simple reason, you have to pick it up on your own and without sensory ques. Your scan would be better (if you are flying precisely) and were you to hop into the jet you would have a much better transition...   but then all the rest of the stuff would kick in and it would be kinda dicey for a while. Make no mistake, sim training works and is a valuable training tool. I was typed in the ATR 72 and my first takeoff had 64 people sitting behind me which was pretty amazing. Now, we do that sort of thing all the time in MUCH larger aircraft.  Combat sim training is MOST excellent because it focuses on the COMBAT relationship between the flights and allows and promotes the thought that is needed. SORRY MAV....     if you DON'T think....  you ARE dead.  I think pretty fast for an old fat bastard and that is because I have been doing it for a long time, it is more reflexive than anything else. 

If you want to give a recital at Carnegie Hall...   it is the old joke....    The lady hops a cab and says "Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?" and the cabbie says:

(come on.... say it with me)

Practice Practice Practice......

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