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Hello, i'm new , used the 3.49 version and i got a little problem first:

In most of our game (coop online campaign) we are heavily outnumbered (pacific campaign) , density squadron is set to moderate, i choose balanced sides in wizard set up so i'm kind of lost on that

Second problem, kyushuu campaign 44 and 45 versionĀ  dont work, when i select a plane and click fly i got a selected aircraft not detected

Also it seems i can only successfully generate campaign using full auto generation mode (coop or sp variant)

When i use the manual mode, i have to select the campaign in il-2 then getting back in dcg to generate a mission, but they dont appear in pilot carreer (such is the case for kyushuu or hawai campaign for example), if i click generate mission anyway they dont appear in coop or singleplayer mission

Help on those issue would be appreciated

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