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Anyone using a DAC Digital to Audio Converter ?


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I just bought a DAC and have been reading about it and the myriad of uses it is capable of and saw a small bit of info regarding this between your computer and your speakers for game sound improvement. 

Is anyone using one of these?  I got it for streaming music from the net to my reel-to-reel recording, but it might be fun to give it a try on the game side of things.

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Recently I´ve moved my whole simpit into the basement and granted myself a nice 5.0 soundsystem for it.

I wouldn´t think a DAC is necessery nowadays, as every mainboard comes with soundchips ( mostly Realtek ).

In my config the onboard Realtek soundchip only handles the mic and the headphones for the radios and communication at the VR headset.
The game sound is running via Soundblaster Z ( free PCI slot on the mainboard required ) analogue to a quite powerful amplifier and from there to the speakers, of which the front left and right are set to full spectrum - a separate subwoofer exaggerates the bass too much for the game sounds, in my opinion.

I don´t know where´s the sense of a DAC for the PC, I only use a small DAC for the TV in the bedroom, which only got a digital optical out, but I don´t think the sound quality of an external DAC for the PC would be better than with a soundblaster card at half costs.

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