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Gone for Now


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Due to low numbers of sign ups and turn out Monday JG1 Racing is Suspended Indefinitely.

I would like to thank everyone for a great run since February 2019!!

I sincerely hope everyone can look back on the racing with fond memories, I surely do.

A number of the racers from the Monday series will be racing on Tuesdays in support of the HiHi – GTP racing series on SRS.

The current JG1 Race server will support practice for those events all are welcome to practice.

Effective 17 July 2023 the Tuesday "Come and Race Series“ will be moving to Monday, until further notice.

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Unfortunate to hear this, Gordon, but given how competitive and demanding motorsports is, I'm not surprised. 

There's not many groups out there doing Simulated or real motorsports that have the same kind of tight knit, respectful community that aviation does. Just because of it being non beneficial to help others in such an intense environment. Many are also resistant to coaching or assistance from trained professionals offering sound advice, because they're still figuring out how Intense or casual they want their racing series to be, teething pains etc. 

For anybody interested in dropping into motorsports, try iRacing it has an in-built match making system so it's easy to try online very easily.

SimRacingSystem is okay, but doesn't have the user base it once did as the COVID lockdown sim racing boom has slowly died off. They also require you to present a photo Identification and use your real name, rather than a screen name. This is less of a problem for me, but obviously can be a problem for some people who aren't public figures who have their information already readily available online. 

The Photo ID/Real identity problem can be exploited to take video game related foibles offline, which is why groups outside of JG1 have a vote of non confidence from me, I've had issues with them before, won't go into detail here.

If anybody's interested, beginner level motorsports in real life are extremely friendly, affordable and enjoyable, I can help anybody who's willing start the research process for what may be available in their area. 

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