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winwing. W/ 130-170mm extension.


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Thnx Von...   i. Got all my parts on order.  65. Heavier clamp. 500 lbs strnght,  and i went with 4080 series. Black anodized tslot.   Got a 10 pack of internal 90 clamps.   I got 1 305 mm length will cut 50 off. 250 for vert. 5mm curf. Prob or less.   So this. 4080 is wider 3,15. X 1.5. "   i just need to make.  2 plates.    


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This is the Stick I got,  130-170 extension.    How do you set up lower trigger ?  it seems to be an axis,  fires my cannons continuously until empty, unless I hold that lower trigger in  .  Any tricks on that lower would be helpful..    Mount is fabbed up temp  for  testing / trying positions

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The lower lever is an axis as well as buttons 7 & 8. #7 is with the lever released and #8 is with it fully compressed. Make sure you are mapping the cannons to Button #8 (lever fully pulled) If you release it while mapping it will map them to Button #7. 

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