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Airfields rds connections & Rails path points - some questions each....

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Maybe I'm giving myself the reply....

I have started to build the land reference files (.rds & .rls) for a SCW campaign that I plan to develop and finish for test on the next 24 september....the start of german air activity in Spain....

About the rails:

I have placed the relative (name)_station to (name)_station from one edge to the other of the map because , if I understand correctly , trains 'll drive only towards frontline and spawn only from (name)_station location.

In the map (Central Spain by Jir) there are western and eastern traks that converge in Madrid as main knot of the rail system with 3 stations....


In a track , if I set a path from A_station trains arrive at a fork from where they can reach B_station or C_station

Initially I have thought to mark the fork as X_rail and have the rls routes

A_station to X_rail

X_rail to B_station

X_rail to C_station

But actually I have build the routes without X_rail

A_station to B_station

A_station to C_station

My FIRST QUESTION is: which could be the better solution between the 2 different paths above?

My SECOND QUESTION is: can a X_rail location be connected with a .rds like _depot or _camp?

My THIRD QUESTION is: Is correct to name the (western and eastern) ending point of the rail system as (name)_station to allow trains to spawn from those loactions towards the first real (in map) _station to use all the extension of the rail system?


About the airfields:

I have a section of the map where there is this condition (BLUE side to RED side):

Location A , a fork with 1) a route to an airfield with 2 runways and 2) a route to location B

I have set a route this way:

Location A to FORK

FORK to Airfield SE

Airfield SW to Airfield NE

FORK to Location B

In this system the 2 airfields are an end route for BLUE but are anyway supplied from BLUE by the track FORK to Airfiled SE and Airfield SE to Airfield NE

My FIRST QUESTION is: Since RED 'll never came to contest or occupy these airfield , can I let these airfields anyway at a track and point or I have anyway to connect them to the FORK with a track Airfield NE to FORK?

My SECOND QUESTION is: Have I understand right that IF an airfield is (or lie near) a location that could be contested it MUST always be connected to the routes system that allow moving units to reach it by waypoint (BLUE) and 'counter' waypoint (RED)?

My THIRD QUESTION: If I direct a campiagn by scripts (TIMETABLE ON) can I anyway biuld the routes with airfields at a dead end route and manage their possession by timetable commands (like: 19410802 TCapture Contested NW_Airfield  19410804 TCapture Allied NW_Airfield)


Thanks in advance for your help!

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