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Trackir/VR Alternative??


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It works, but you need to play with the movement rates to get it where you want it otherwise it will seem sluggish. Also positioning seems to be very important. I had mine too low (the bottom bezel of my monitor) and was sometimes blocked by my keyboard. Small issues and easily remedied with adjustments. 


Nothing is a VR killer unless you like all your landings looking like trash in comparison. 

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 Found a new program called EyeWare beam.  Also head and eye tracking using a webcam, with open track. At this point, haven't been able to get it to work, with a "playstation eye" as cam. 

 I just recently move'd my monitors, for correct FoV, and perspective, and pixel visibility...Its crazy, depending on monitor size, how uncomfortably close one has to be in order for the virtual world to be correct. DCS and IL2, both worlds function correctly at 90'ish degree FoV. On a 32" monitor, that's like 7" from your face!!!! VR wins!!!

 (With my set up, Im at 31" for 140 FoV. Feels good (real)...But have to Zoom to 90* FoV, for the games "math" and perspective to be correct)


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