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Generating coop mission (manual mission generator/mode)


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Hello i'm trying to generate coop mission

Following this procedure on the readme (3.49 version of dcg)

Manual Mission Generation Mode (Pilot Career, Single Mission, Coop, or Dogfight). 

1. Run DCG.
2. Select the mission mode: Coop, or Dogfight or Single Player Manual (SPManual = no mode checked).
3. If this is a new campaign, click on the "World" icon, otherwise skip to #6.
4. From the drop-down box that appears, select the campaign.
5. Click on the "Start Button".
6. Make any other changes such as squadron, plane, weather, etc.
7. Click the Generate Mission button. 
8. Run IL2/FB and fly the mission.
9. When you are finished flying the mission, ALT + TAB out of IL2/FB and manually generate a new mission.

Problem arise on step 8, i cant find the mission, inside the dcg panel in net then coop folder ; there is no mission

When i click generate mission i cant find where the mission is generated

Any help would be appreciated

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Okay i got my answer

Will post for future reference if other have the same problem

I was using dcg with BAT mod, the bat mod has 2 launcher, il2fb selector and il2fb.exe

The one dcg should be pointed to at install is il2fb.exe not il2fbselector

That was my mistake

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