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Can a loop in .rds be possible or not?

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I'm building the rds. file for my WIP campaign about the siege of Marid....

The blue move eastward while reds move westward....

In the picture below I have a doubt:

In the center there is a crossroad where the main route drive correctly from left to right (waypoint 0 is on the left while last waypoint is on the right of the path) at the crossroad , since the blue should conquest and use the airfiled the waypoints proceed from the Y shaped crossroad (waypoint 0) to the city (waypoint 5) and again from the city (waypoint 0) to the airfield (waypoint5) and finally from the SW airfield runway (waypoint 0) to the NE airfield runway (waypoint 5)....this way the blue , when arrive at the Y shaped crossroad 'll go to east and to conquest the city and the airfield....historically the city should be conquested BEFORE the airfield....


Since the airfield should be used by reds until his capture , how can I guarantee that he 'l be supplied?

1) By a new route from Y shaped crossroad to the NE airfield so the red can supply the airfield from the crossroad and blues 'll conquest the airfield after the city?

2) By a new route running parallel to the other but with waypoint opposed to the blue direction?

OR , I was considering this last solution as more probable....

3) By modifying the route of the area and give this order of location (from blue to red) , thus deleting the defensive loaction to Y crossroad route:

a) upper picture junction (a Republicain defensive position) to airfield;

b) airfield to city

c) city to Y crossroad

d) Y crossroad to next Republicain area locations

This way the red 'll supply the airfield from the city and blue 'll conquest the city before the airfield by timetable command....

2023.10.17 12-50-36.jpg

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