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Possible DCS MultiThread stutter fix from ED


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It's in the first post of the link that @bowlek provided and titled "mt.lua". It's working for me even with an AMD CPU. All cores seem to be in use evenly. Here's BN's post:

Hi all, 

we have been looking into the stutter issue some users are seeing, as you may be aware unparking CPU cores has helped many but this is not a ideal solution for end users. 

Please try the lua file below and give us some feedback. 

mt.lua58 B · 219 downloads

place in saved games\DCS\Config folder

this should unbind the render thread from the highest performing core. 

Based on the feedback we get we could make this default for some CPU's 

thank you

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The mt.lua "fix" isn't documented in this update from what I can see.

That said, I'm on windows 10 and it made a noticeable difference to my performance as well. I was getting micro stutters sitting on the ground when I first fired up 2.9 last night, and after copying over the the mt.lua it seemed to solve them. 

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