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Ju-88 of Stab StG77


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Anyone have any idea what this says? Accorcing to what I've been able to find:

"This emblem, the Schwartzkopf heraldic badge alongside the death's hand emblem, was designed to honor an earlier Geschwaderkommodore, Oberst Günther Schwartzkopf, who was killed during the Westfeldzug."


Screenshot 2023-12-16 165056.png

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As you already know, the aircraft is a Ju 88A-14 from Stab/St.G 77.

It's Squadron-Recognition Code is S2+LA.

Regarding the writing under the cockpit:

The font is Tannenberg Fett or something similar.


This is the font we use on for Jadgeschwader 1 name on the website.

The written words are two rank abbreviations and two surnames.

This is a guess, but I think it's something like:

Fw Jung
Ogfr. Zel

Here it is in Word, with the correct font:


The first rank is correct.  It's Feldwebel (Fw).  But I can't make out the first surname.  Jung is a complete guess.  Maybe someone else can?

The second rank and surname is correct, as far as I can tell.  Obergefreiter (Ogfr.) Zel.

Regarding the markings:

If you're curious, the shield badge used on the aircraft is a version of the 12./St G 77 emblem seen below, just with a larger head and without the tie.


Also, here is a better picture of the aircraft, without the website writing:


Here is an image of the skeletal hand:


And here are some images which show the general layout of the aircraft, as well as it's overall markings:




Hope this helps!

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