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IL2 / GB update 2/20/24


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2 minutes ago, Vonrd said:



IMO, this is the best part of the update:

you search for an assigned command by pressing a button on your control device 

Yeah, that's really good.

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Worked fine for me just minutes ago..

When u are in the key mappings on default you are in the gui for text search; there u need to klick on the upper right tab, then press any button and it listed the assigned command for the button or control

(well: I did not test axis assignments...)  

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For those used to DCS, it requires a couple more button presses...

  1. In upper right corner of control assignment window, click on "Find command" tab
  2. In the window that opens, select "By assignment" tab
  3. Then press your button or move axis and the current assignment will be shown.

1 click.jpg

2 click.jpg

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