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WingWalkers' FactoryLake Mission Tuesday Dec 4th at 6:15 pacific


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JG1, Old Fokkers, Aero 42 flyers welcome to participate in this mission on Tuesday night. Sides will be balanced, not a squad vs squad event ( at least not yet! who knows what lies in the future)


We have a squad meeting at 6 pm Pacific, mission should start at 6:15. Our TS has a "ROF Waiting Assignment" channel, and will have a "test mission" up for just warming up while we have our meeting. I will jump on comms, distribute flyers and answer any questions. Preference is you come on our TS so we can distribute flyers, but okay if you don't want to.


Don't shoot the balloon over the base or it will roll into the real mission


server is called WWROF, will be "mods on" ( we like the AI to be aggressive)

I will resend Klaiber the server password and TS path



We have been experimenting with missions where pilot kills lead to real mission events. Game currently counts any prop or engine damage as a pilot kill. This mission tries to work around that.


1. Entente bases have 8 camels, 8 brisfits, 8 breguets each ( four bases total)


2. Central has a single island base with 32 D7fs, unlimited brandys at the factory bases


3. Entente Kills are only counted inside kill zones, 8 kills and closest entente base closes


4. Generous maintenance radius for both Central and Entente, if your engine block and prop are okay, should save the plane (important for bombers)


5. Ships attempt to reach base when damaged and will partially rebuild if they get there before the base is destroyed.


6. Smoke stacks track condition of factory bases ( must destroy ship, two factories and refinery...very difficult, recommend you practice so you know how many objects have to get destroyed, if you've not done it don't forget about the crates!!).


7.  Island base HEAVILY fortified as the shipyard (stay away!), factory bases have single cannon and mg, plus a ship at the pier


8 Battle of attrition, if all Entente bases close before all Factories are destroyed, Central wins, if all Factories destroyed before Entente bases destroyed, Entente wins.



Here is the mission for those that want to try it out






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