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Q. Will BOS be based on the Digital Nature engine (777 Studios Technology)?


A. Yes, the Digital Nature engine and associated technologies will be the basis for BOS, but of course work will be done to make it ready for WWII aircraft and other changes to the code will no doubt occur over time. The engine is an ever evolving piece of software.


Q. Why was the Digital Nature engine chosen instead of the CLOD engine?


A. The Digital Nature engine is an advanced game engine that has been developed over several years and powers ROF with great results. Besides being relatively bug free and well-functioning, it has advanced physics, realistic flight-modeling, progressive damage modeling, complex ballistics, detailed environmental modeling, detailed terrain modeling and superb graphics rendering. Above all else it is more modular and flexible than the CLOD engine. It can even support different types of player vehicles from main battle tanks to giant robots. Using the Digital Nature engine will provide users with a well-functioning product at launch that can be brought to market fairly quickly. It can still be further enhanced in the future as needed.


Q. Will BOS install over CLOD as promised by previous management?


A. Sorry it will not, BOS will be based on a completely different engine and be a completely different product line.

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