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It means we are completely F.....

If the IL from 777 has the same limited number of ground objects as RoF, it is going to be a disaster.

Multiplayer missions will become Quake Air Wars or missions where stuff spawns in a timer because of the limited number of ground objects.


Really sad news for the IL-2 community.



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It makes sense from a marketing and developmental standpoint. Take 1C's money and connections, and combine it with 777/NeoQB's ability to create a product, support it and keep it functioning. Still, I'm very surprised that the rumors were true... for whatever reason, I didn't think they'd actually do it.


So, 1C Game Studios (1CGS). I think this represents the final purging of Oleg Maddox's legacy with IL-2 and 1C.


My sincere hope is that they'll share, taking the best from both games. The map, object functionality and depth that is present within IL-2: Cliffs of Dover, and combine it with the reliability, ease of use and graphics of Rise of Flight.


However, as Eis said, we're probably going to start having to pay for aircrafts, and updates, etc.


Honestly, I think we've all seen that coming as the "next wave of the future". It's sad. But I understand they need to make a buck too.


I just hate being nickle and dimed for things that aren't worth the money.

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