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If you are interested in joining JG1, please login to our forums, and start a new thread within the JG1 Recruitment section.  Your new thread should have the following information:

  • What is your Timezone?-CMT USA
  • Do you have a joystick or HOTAS?-Yes. Pedals, Stick, Throttle.
  • Do you have TeamSpeak and Discord installed, as well as a working microphone?- Yes
  • Do you have VR, TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control?- VR
  • What sims are you currently flying? - DCS, IL2
  • How did you hear about JG1?-Since my RB3D days. 
  • Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?-Real world pilot. Warbirds (WW2 & WW1), Helicopters, A&P, Aerospace degree, aircraft builder.
  • See "Chris Grube Fokker Dr1" online.
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On 5/4/2024 at 7:45 AM, Vongrube said:

Real world pilot. Warbirds (WW2 & WW1), Helicopters, A&P

Same here. A&P IA (retired). General Aviation and Part 135 turbines.

That DR1 is impressive!

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