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Test your seaplane and bombig skills


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S! All


The JG1 server has a practice area set up. It is not a real mission with objectives and winners.



This is not a scenery map. It is the north most part of the front. It was made just so you can check your system running this map and practice bombing missions. You can practice water take offs and landings.


Each side has a land base and a seaplane base. Just off shore each side has 3 enemy cruisers attacking 3 friendly Submarines. They chase eachother in circles as they attack.


Most of the land based bombers are there. HPs and Gothas are air start at 2km.



With the big bomb load on the Breuget and DFWCV you can kill a sub. Bigger planes can kill cruisers.


The targets do not respawn. The map restarts after 60 min. to refresh targets.



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