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Il-2 Speedbar increments


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One of the instructors over at the school I attend posted this little tidbit for the speedbar on Il-2: 1946. It would be especially helpful with bombing solutions.



Add this to your conf file' date=' look first to see if you have anything in it titled [Mods']













Increments of 1 and TAS as well..


I posted it here because I think it should be common knowledge.

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Thanks Eis! Yes, we seem to have got through this one OK, at least here in St John's -- an awful lot of snow and wind, but for once, the eastern USA and Ontario seem to have got worse than the Newfoundlanders did! But given that this was the third or fourth major storm that we've had since Christmas, we're all getting a little tired of it round these parts ...


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!






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