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Just wanted to share one last thing. You guys may have seen this, you may not have.


This is a G6 home sim-pit that some guy built. It's really well done. The only thing missing would be actuators if the cockpit was to actually move around. The amount of detail the guy put into this is pretty ridiculous. Lots of home made genius here. WARNING: Be prepared to change your underwear/boxers.. The more you scroll down the more your mouth will salivate.




I plan on building either a 109 or 190 cockpit once I get another decent welding job again. Its pretty much my "anti-drug" lol.


Videos of the same cockpit..


Enjoy guys.

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Yeah man! Its utterly insane how much thought and time went into this. The guy either has an awesomely understanding and supportive wife or he's a complete virgin. One or the other. There is no grey area with that one lol.


I mean just look at all that. The man even made a completely homemade Revi gunsight thats completely functional! And your right, the stick was pretty awesome too. Completely took apart his old stick and custom fit the board and wiring the was inside to his newly designed 109 stick. Man how I can't wait to get some good money my way. I'm gonna go nuts!

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