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RC Warbirds


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Wow, those are amazing RCs!


And I agree about the hakenkreuz alternative. The box doesn't look bad at all. It's much better than the empty tail.


I've also seen another acceptable version of it where the center cross is cut out, making it four unconnected lines in a box pattern.

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Been flying RC for years. A lot of money invested in most of those planes in that video. Since time is a commodity as of late, I have been getting into some of the ARF (almost ready to fly) and the RTF kits. All mine now are electric, but I used to fly the gas kits which took months to build. Kinda miss the big ones though. Anyone else in the JG fly RC?


Also, you guys should take a look at some of the planes Banana Hobby has to offer.


They are all ARF kits, so pretty easy to get started. Although I will mention that warbirds are not the place to start when trying out RC flight. just so I got that out there, and Im not liable for your $300 that just hit a passing car at the park. =)

At 70mph.



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Anyone else in the JG fly RC?


Someone in JG1 flies RC, but I can't remember who at the moment. It'll come to me eventually, probably at 3AM. :)


Either way, I've always wanted to get involved in the hobby, but never seem to have the time to invest.


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My grandfather used to take me with when he would fly his RCs, so I've had some experience with fixed wing. I've raced gas cars for a little while and have had a job that paid for me to learn to fly an RC helo for 2-4 hours a day, depending on the daily needs. Of course my real job is just flying very large (and expensive) remotely piloted aircraft, but the skill involved isn't in the fingers.


I'm not sure if you know any of the Tournament of Champion, 3D RC names like Billy Hempel, Sean McMurtry, Chip Hyde, or Mike Gobel. I've had the pleasure to work with all of them in my career.

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