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S! All, glad to be back. Here are my latest uploads.


Really really really rare combat footage from Beaufighters here. So rare I'm going to venture to say that there is a good chance most if not all of you probably haven't seen it. That plane really lays out some lead. This doc is more about combat footage and interviews/stories with the Australian pilots who fought against the Japanese when they decided to try and take Australia. Probably one of the best if not the best documentary on my channel. Absolutely amazing stories some of these pilots tell. Makes the dogfight series seem like childs play. And this doc doesn't even have CGI lol. A lot of historical facts not usually known by your average WWII buff. A MUST WATCH!


Fixed Targets - Gun Camera

There are some pretty serious historical inaccuracies in this 2 part series but I put it up because they basically broke down the the air combat footage that we have all seen for years. There were plenty of scenes that I've seen many a times but didn't realize that when the pilot bailed out he went one way, and with frame by frame footage you could easily tell that his parachute got ripped off. Must be a horrible way to go.


Air Supremacy - Gun Camera

Same as above just part 2 of the series.


Another great doc from the Aussie pilots perspective. Lots of information not usually taught in western schools. A MUST WATCH!


Air Battles of WWII - The War File

Another time killer here. Relatively accurate, still enjoyable to watch.


Most of us know pretty much everything there is needed to know about BoB. This doc just pretty much covers those details. Not really anything new. Still a good watch.


Aircraft Carrier - The War File

A very good watch. Some pretty rare color footage from the pacific on this one. Definitely a must watch.


This is from the "Clash Of Wings" series. It aired on the "Wings" channel way back when. As a whole its a pretty good series. Not overly biased considering the time period and who it was made by. I chose to upload this particular episode from the series because it actually touches on some of the Italian aircraft, G.50, Mc-200, 202, 205, SM-79 and more. Pretty much uploaded it for the unique factor.


Enjoy everyone, S!

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