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Dear Pilots' date='


After much time and effort we are finally able to open the ROFMODS website that will be the main repository for all (reasonable) mods, tools, apps and special content for Rise of Flight. The goal of this website is to take the chaos and confusion out of using mods for ROF. We have a great Mods On mode that makes using mods quite easy and we want creative people to take advantage of it.




There have been many cool mods developed for ROF that have the tendency to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the forum. Also, installing them can be a confusing adventure. So, by using the JSGME Mod Manager tool and mods that are pre-configured to work with it, installing and uninstalling is a snap. We will use the JSGME tool until some other tool/utility becomes available that is specifically designed for ROF by a 3rd party. This may or may not happen, but that is my hope.


ROFMODS will be closely managed to keep things tidy. Myself (Jason) and other qualified assistants will manage it.


For mods to be considered for placement on ROFMODS, they must work and be prepared in advance to work with the JSGME Mod Manager tool. Basically just create a .zip that has all the files placed in their proper folder hierarchy within the main ROF directory. JGSME will do the rest. Please download and examine an existing mod to understand what that means. It's quite simple.


Mods will continue to be added to the website in the coming weeks and months. Please do not PM me asking for me to add certain mods. My PM box fills up too fast. I am aware of many popular mods, but if you want to make me aware of one please post in this here thread with a link to the original thread or where to grab it. Providing me a short, clear description of what the mod does will also speed up the posting process. Also, all images for the ROFMODS viewer need to be in 16:9 aspect ratio such as 1280x720 etc. The less editing I need to do the faster a mod can be put up. Please keep the number of images to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10.


I will update this post as warranted as the ROFMDOS website evolves.


We hope you will enjoy ROFMODS!






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