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Aces with 50 or More - Memorial Day Weekend Challenge


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Bought this book in a used book store in San Francisco this weekend..


300 pages of the history and evolution of combat aviation from the Wright Brothers to the end of WW1


The Appendix had a complete listing of all the Aces in WW1 with the actual kill count sorted by country. With Memorial Day around the corner, the sheer numbers spread over 15 pages was pretty sobering. Thought I would share a bit of the data and test everyones trivia knowledge....no searching the internet for lists!


Lets see who can get the most names in the top 12!


For those that find this too challenging, try and guess how many are German, British or French!


I am going to post this at WW's, Squadron 42, The Black Haze and JG1 to see who gets it the closes to right. Will publish the results on Monday.



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