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Webserver Crashed


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Over the past several weeks, we've been having some problems with the webserver. It's been blue screening more and more frequently. I had assumed it needed to have the dust blown out, and I'm sure it was a contributing factor, but it finally had enough and pretty much stopped running completely yesterday.


This machine had been in service for two years, almost exactly when it was called into server duty after the great pool flooding the basement incident of 2011. During this time it has faithful acted as our webserver, our email server, our database server, and our game server from time to time. To say it was a work horse would be an understatement.


Tonight, I set up a virtual machine which is now hosting our sites on Windows 8 running IIS8 with SQL Server 2012. I have not yet restored the mail server, so jg1.org email accounts will not work until then. Presently, this VM is running on my main computer and will remain so for the next week or so while I determine how to set it up. I've been wanting to upgrade the server for sometime and this may be the opportunity.


That being said, within the next week or so, more than likely the site will again be migrated to another machine. That means that if something bad happens, we may loose information such as forum posts, or pictures or other information related to the sites. This is very unlikely but given the situation it's prudent to plan accordingly. Try to save important, hard to replace, threads until the system becomes stable again.


Best regards,



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Yes of course, that's why there's populated forums right now. I wasn't implying you guys should "save" your work like saving a file. I meant save as in hold off on until stability has returned.


Even with backups there is a window of minimum data loss, should a loss occur. For instance, our backups were from 2 AM on the previous day. Any posts that happened after that were lost because that was the last backup.

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