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System Upgrade


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Last night I ran RoF for the first time since upgrading my rig. My goodness! I set everything to the absolute maximum and the frame frame is still phenomenal. Albeit, I only did a few single player tests, but it's still like night vs day compared to my previous system, which wasn't bad to begin with.


Old Rig:


AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (Quad Core - 3.4 GHz no OC)


Single EVGA nVidia 560 Ti

(used to set to medium or medium high, with little or no forest)



New Rig:


AMD FX-8350 BE (Oct Core - 4.0 GHx OC'd to 4.5 GHz)


Two 560 Ti's in SLI

EVGA nVidia 560 Ti

nVidia nVidia 560 Ti

(everything set as high as possible)


I am somewhat impressed that RoF has taken advantage of SLI, but I think it's only to say that there is an SLI profile and that the game turns it on. The observations I've made does not make me think that it's completely taken advantage of. But that was only cursory observations.


Best regards,



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