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Trouble on Holo Deck 3


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S! All


A problem was detected in which Otto might say something when it should be Waldo and then Waldo would say nothing. Captain Picard had Data and Jordi investigate. The original suspicion was in the subtitle coalition assignment routine. This proved to be lengthy and tiresome. After starring at ME screens in 3D for hours, Jordi had to have his visor realigned. Data went down the recon / arty - secondary discriminator subroutine path. Data is now having a self diagnostic of his own. After cramming for his next Star Feet Academy exam, Wesley Crusher was so strung out on Klingon Meth that he instantly saw the problem as a cross connection in the recon primary / secondary selector master program. Fortunately Dr. Crusher shut him down with a Hypo spray before he started explaining how it would be better to recrystallize dilithium in the 31st dimension. Waldo and Otto no longer talk to each other or the enemy. Jordi is disturbed by all the permutations and feels that it can never be fully tested until the next time Romulan space is entered. Data is confident that he understood Wesley and has made the appropriate alterations to the holo display logic.


Counselor Troi feels nothing but harmony on board.


Captain Picard is in Sick Bay getting a hair transplant.



Subtitles that indicate a target location have been increased to a 10 second display time. This is so the message is not just seen but able to be reread and checked. The usual 5 second duration is not sufficient even for a large group. The tap your shoulder or warning, a message is coming subtitles are still at 5 seconds.

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