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DR 1 for Max and VK


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Very nice!


Regarding Reinhart's, what if you moved the R further back on the fuselage - just forward of the vertical stabilizer and around the start of the horizontal stabilizer. It would need to be a little smaller, but it would help de-clutter the central area of the fuselage.


Just a thought. :)

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Updated 2 pics of Max's Dr 1.


Moved R down to tail plane. Underside of tail plane now mirrors upper side. Bottom of Fuselage is black.


I like the R and underside of tail plane. Think Underside of Fuselage was better as blue. Trying to avoid ALL black planes. Labroisse has a couple and the problem is that at a distance they look like no color. You do not know if you are out of range to see color or if it is the paint.

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