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HSFX 7 and DCG


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Hi Wol,


In my own experience, I can say it does work but by default you would only have the default objects associated with the files in the DCG's data folder. In order to have the HSFX objects in the generator, you would have to manually introduce this objects (including aircraft, payloads, ships, etc) into these files...

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Hi gens,


Implementing planes and payloads is not that difficult, only their vast number is a problem. And of course a bit of research is needed as to availability dates and cruise speeds.


As to ground and naval units, appr. 60% of them can be implemented without problems. The rest is tricky and doubtful. Here much try and error testing is needed.

Unfortunately, the creators of HSFX sometimes ignored earlier naming conventions, e.g. there are carriers without a CV in their name and the like.

Many single-vehicle units like HoHa were multiplied in the form of 2-HoHa and 3-HoHa, and it's a question whether DCG can handle them properly.

The same applies to new equivalents to old 'special purpose' units like the ISUZU_fuel to the ZIS6_fuel. If DCG identifies fuel units by the tag '_fuel', then they should work as designed -- otherwise not.

Another problem is that new column units can have considerably more or less vehicles than the usual 6 or 7. If DCG considers a column destroyed when 'six or more vehicles attached to it are destroyed in a single mission', it means that a 5-vehicle column will never be considered as destroyed, while a bigger one will be, even if 2/3 of its vehicles remain intact.


In some cases we can ask Paul to make minor code adjustements (as did Wol with the CV tankette as an exception), but the rest of the problems couldn't be resolved that easily IMHO. So it seems that appr. 25% of the new ground units will never be really usable, and campaign designers will have to be particularly careful not to select them in the FMB.

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