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PD 12 Paint


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S! All



Link for all planes.


These are just color and marking studies so they look bright. Have not done levels or alpha layers yet.



Patterns are variation on previous themes. Trying to get away from monochromatic schemes. No all RED or all BLACK planes.


Tried to do blood streaks on Hett's plane. Don't think it works.



Please list changes.



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Maus is smaller now.


Tragedy with Wurger. I was tes flying his plane and had to do a cross wind landing. I ground looped and flipped the plane. I got out ok but it caught on fire.


I did not want to paint the replacement in the same pattern, thinking it would be bad luck.


New paint for Wurger.



Truth is, he saw Maus's stripe and wanted one also.


Wurg's paint

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