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BoS Early access open


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Ok, it's time for first experience.


It's absolutely fantastic. I flew WWIIOL, Il-2, CloD, DCS and RoF but this is even better. I'm really really excited about the game :)


But now more useful information. There is basic setup of my PC:


Intel i5 750 2.67 GHz (the first batch of i5 processor)


GeForce GTX660Ti

1650x1080 monitor

Windows 7 64bit


Except the graphical card the PC is four years old now. The card is like 1.5 year old. I never reinstalled it so the system itself is a bit messy atm.

I installed the game and setup the highest visual setting.


With this settings the game is running like this:


30-40 fps under the fast low level flight (belly on deck almost) and on widest field of view.

40-50 fps at about 1 km of altitude and on widest FOV.

60-85 fps at about 1 km of altitude and on maximum zoom in (narrowest FOV)

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That's promising, Pragr! My computer is pretty much on par with yours with about 1/2 the GPU. Although I'm upgrading my PC this winter, I'm looking forward to getting a benchmark that we can measure with the older generation computers. I like the idea that we can round up a lot of the former II./JG1 pilots into the new game without having to buy new components just to have a rewarding experience.


Better than CloD, huh? That's saying something, especially since the TF 4.0 patch. I hope to test out the install tomorrow night.

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OK, I should say I've never played TF 4.0 patch. Only the 3.0.


The "better than CloD" is more about the personal preferences. I'm not sure if every particular part of BoS is better, but the environment seems like in real world (those snow plains are unbelievable) and the scratches on the cockpit hood gives the feeling you're really sitting in the cockpit. That's something I always missed while in CloD. The world around in BoS gives better immersion. At least for me.


I'm really curious what your opinion will be.

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Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight are the only two flight simulators that have given me the impression of actually flying at my computer desk. As a real world pilot it is the closest thing I've found to sitting in a cockpit. Since BoS is based on RoF, I'm sure it'll have the same feeling. With the scenery you're talking about, I can't wait to get my hands on it. Now if only work wouldn't have me out so late and up so early!

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I got the opportunity to take off yesterday. (Im having a gas Erhardt)

I am impressed! The very 1st thing, that makes myself hope, their actually thinking

about what make's a virtual pilot feel...real...is the FoV. For the 1st time in all the flight sim's

Ive had, at full rear zoom, I can see the gauges! This is perifieal.

I sat in the thing, set some control's, and went Wow. Its feels right! Then proceeded to

ground loop my way to the run way. lol.


Today...if I have time, Im going to see if I can open up, one of the missions.

Curiosity...If RoF's mission builder, will work out of the box.





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Finally got around to flying it. I did two sorties, the second one was a write-off when I should have just throttled up and gone around. I'm impressed with the performance on my computer. I dialed a couple things down from maximum but I don't think I need to. On my 5 y/o computer, that's saying something! The plane flies pretty well, I wish I could go get my tailwheel endorsement to see just how realistic the Lagg's ground looping tendencies are, it seems very susceptible to spinning around. Take off and landing was pretty nice, the aircraft definitely sank when you got below approach speed and she definitely told you if you were too quick on rotation. I'll need to do some more low speed stuff to see if ground effect is decently modeled. I look forward to flying with clouds, the terrain is amazing. The towns remind me of RO2. The two games should mix together for some fun FPS/Sim loving. The cockpit is awesome, it really is Rise of Flight at 400 kph!

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Looks like the BoS flight model inherited the RoF flight model characteristics, high speed and nose will go up. no matter how much stick you apply forward.




Was expecting that the experience from developing RoF would make the development of BoS easier and faster than what it actually looks. It doesn't look like RoF was developed on top of a true game engine. It started as a game and at one point, someone decided to call it a game engine and probably try to sell it as one.

The result now, BoS is an hacked and chopped version of RoF with WW2 3D models on a Stalingrad map.

My suspicions:

- Flight model of the lagg-3 behaves like a WWI aircraft.

- A bunch of RoF files are included in the BoS file set.

- We have flares and hand guns. Why would someone need to include this in a WW2 combat sim game? Where the flares used during air combat in WW2?

- Trim? Anyone able to trim the aircraft?


I doubt this game will be completed in less than a year. People will lose interest, because in a year from now, we will still be flying the same aircrafts, in the same map but with less bugs. Looks like we are heading to a small BoS community due a to bad marketing decision of trying to suck money from an unfinished product.


Did flight simulators got to a point where they cannot compete with FPS and RPG games and have to ask for money in advance to develop a game?

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In reference to your statement about high speeds resulting in a nose-up tendency, I'm pretty sure that's what the trim will counteract and it's how it's supposed to be. Now, I've only flown at speeds up to 130 knots (~240 km/h) because the planes I fly are very docile compared to the ones we simulate, so my experience is fairly limited. However, in order to accelerate an airplane, you must push forward on the stick, that's what causes you to go faster after all. Once you get to the speed you want, you have to trim nose down until the stick is neutral, or hands off, in order to keep it at that speed. This nose down, lower angle of attack, attitude will cause you to lose altitude and additional thrust is required to generate more lift over the wings just to stay level. If you don't trim, and you let up on the stick, it will raise the nose and slow down to the speed the aircraft is set up to fly at by default, normally overshooting the speed and stalling if you do it quickly. The nose up tendencies are modeled in IL-2 1946, if you take up a FW-190A you'll find that you need something like a +1 on the nose just to get the aircraft level around 300 km/h.

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Trim is notably not implemented yet' date=' but the settings are there in the controls already. Flares were certainly used in WWII, the Bf-109s even have a port in the windscreen for firing these while in flight. Though this was news to me when BoS said we have them, there is significant proof in this thread.


Funny, I always thought that the tube was some kind of ventilation system for the cockpit. I know some aircrafts had flares in the cockpit, but I always though they were used for emergencies , like being shotdown in the middle of the ocean and stuff like that.




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Funny' date=' I always thought that the tube was some kind of ventilation system for the cockpit. I know some aircrafts had flares in the cockpit, but I always though they were used for emergencies , like being shotdown in the middle of the ocean and stuff like that.



This is exactly what I thought, too.

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No doubt that main use of flares during WWII period was at emergency case. I read about the Hs-129 squadron and several pilots mentioned using flares, when they were unable to use radios or couldn't set the radio contact with their wingman.


They were used even during cooperation between fighters and bombers, because they not shared the common radio frequency.


I think it's good to have flares in BoS. And as in RoF where we use them mainly during emergencies or for randez vous purpose I think the same kind of use will be in BoS.

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I got my copy running this week, and started trying to map controls.


However, I'm having trouble getting some of the key commands to work within my CH Control Manager.


For example F for flaps down works great.


But Left Shift + F doesn't want to work through the CH stick for flaps up.


Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


I'll let you know how I make out - just got to put more time into attempting to fix it. :)

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