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Contact Distance


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Added a ground contact distance setting so that players move the spawning distance of tanks and trucks back from zero to five waypoints


Could so. pls be so kind and explain me once again, what it means?

Is it that tanks wont spawn ahead if an enemy is the contact distance value ahead?

Like blue tanks are 3 locations off the red spawn point; contact distance is 3; no enemy tank will spawn anymore?

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It's referring to the waypoints in the .rds file. You can select how many waypoints back from the normal start point that you want moving columns to spawn.


For example, if you set it to 3, it'll spawn columns 4 waypoints back from the usual start/end point of a location. If the location is a bridge, it'll start it even further back as the default start/end point of a bridge location is on the friendly side of the bridge (usually four waypoints back from the start/end point).

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